The Implications of Encryption on Public Policies

Information and data are crucial in providing efficient public services in various sectors. But, with the increasing amount of data collected, security threats also increase.

Do you work for the government or public sector of your country? Join us from 26-27 September for a free webinar on encryption specifically tailored for policymakers, government officials, and the public sector.

We will address:

  • What does the Internet Society do?
  • What is encryption?
  • Why and when do we use it?
  • How does encryption work?
  • Why is encryption important?
  • How related are encryption and public policies?
  • How can you help defend encryption?

We will provide participation certificates to attendees who complete the exercise at the end of the webinar. You can also participate in the webinar without completing it.

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Date and Time

Tuesday 26 September 2023 –

Wednesday 27 September 2023