2023 African Community Networks Summit

Breaking Stereotypes in Community Network Deployments: AFCHIX Experiences in Morocco, Namibia and Kenya

Community networks cultivate bottom-up, sustainable approaches to communications technology and meaningful connectivity that strengthen personal and collective autonomy and self-determination. But they are not free of imbalance by design. While women have been making essential contributions to community-led initiatives, it is important to acknowledge their roles and seek opportunities to challenge gender inequalities.

In this edition of the Summit on Community Networks in Africa, AFCHIX will share the realities of women in community networks movement at different stages in three countries, namely Morocco, Namibia, and Kenya.

We will virtually discuss the challenges and opportunities for gender balance and the creation of community networks that are gender-informed and inclusive of the rights of those who are most marginalized. The session will build on the lived experience of women leaders involved in community networks and bring to light women’s role in community networks, challenges, and, more importantly, opportunities for change.

Date and Time

13:00 – 14:00 UTC

Monday 18 September 2023