Impact of Submarine Cable Cuts in Africa

The Internet is down! (Some of it)

The Internet is a complicated, glorious collection of moving parts. We pay a lot of attention to topics such as peering, content, and connecting end users, but often overlook the many other building blocks across the globe that make the Internet work.

In this fifth session of the The Virtual Peering Series – Africa, we highlight the integral role of sub-sea cables, and the effects of their disruption. Given that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dominated news and discussion during 2020, it is easy to forget that there have been multiple cable disruptions during the first quarter of 2020, and the devastating ripple effect these had on connectivity across Africa.

Our panel will both highlight the process of submarine cable recovery and repair, then discuss the “behind the scenes” activities required to ensure connectivity.

This session will be the last in 2020 and provides a 30-min interactive social event for participants through the Gather Town online platform. The social event enables participants to connect with each other and explore collaboration and partnership opportunities. 

Organized by the African IXP Association and the Internet Society, The Virtual Peering Series – Africa is a collection of online events that will highlight and analyze key issues and recent developments in Africa’s Internet ecosystem. The Series has been developed by the AfPIF Program Committee and event organizers.

Date and Time

Wednesday 24 July 2024 –

Tuesday 01 December 2020