RightsCon 2022

RightsCon brought together diverse people and organizations from across the world committed to the right to Internet access.

RightsCon Summit 2022, the major global conference on human rights in the digital age, was held virtually this year, from 6-10 June. It featured over 500 sessions addressing some of the most pressing issues identified by the RightsCon community. Topics also examined the impact of technology on society and human rights, such as privacy, surveillance, and individual security; cybersecurity and encryption; and Internet shutdowns and connectivity. 

The Internet Society participated at RightsCon 2022. Here are some of the sessions we were cohosting. 

Encryption Advocacy Surgery: Tools and Strategies for Success (Workshop)

Why campaign for encryption? Governments worldwide are increasingly trying to ban or undermine encryption—a critical security tool that keeps people and countries worldwide safe online and in real life. We provided hands-on and tailored advice to advocates, which draw on the lessons learned from the Global Encryption Coalition’s experiences and success over more than two years in pushing back against proposals worldwide to undermine encryption. These proposals included legislative and corporate policies, such as Apple’s scanning proposal, Australian TOLA, Indian traceability rule, and Brazilian governmental hacking proposals.

Panelists: Natalie Campbell, Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, Internet Society
Sheetal Kumar, Head of Global Engagement and Advocacy, Global Partners Digital
Namrata Maheshwari, Asia Pacific Policy Council, Access Now
Luiza Brandao, Founder, Directress, Institute for Research on Internet and Society

School Exams: Why the Internet Needs to Stay On and Available

Every year, throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and South Asia regions, millions of people are cut off from the Internet for lengthy periods while students take their school exams. These shutdowns are intended to prevent cheating or information leaks, but how effective are they—and how do they impact society? 

Experts from MENA and South Asia examined these shutdowns, looking at their implementation and impact, and discussed how restricting Internet access has implications far beyond classrooms.

The panel also discussed the findings of an upcoming report from the panel organizers, the Internet Society and SMEX, on Internet shutdowns during exams in the MENA region, connecting it to similar practices around the world. The panel talked about solutions and the steps that can be taken to eliminate these kind of Internet disruptions as well as how to limit the harms incurred to societies and economies. They included discussions of advocacy strategies to challenge the threat of government-mandated shutdowns.

Facilitator: Neeti Biyani, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Internet Society
Panelists: Hanna Kreitem, Senior Advisor, Internet Technology and Development – Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Internet Society
Afef Abrougui, Research Lead, SMEX
Tanmay Singh, Senior Litigation Counsel, Internet Freedom Foundation


Date and Time

Monday 06 June 2022 –

Friday 10 June 2022