Parenting at the Digital Age: The Ups, the Downs and the Real Threats

Come learn how to safely guide your child online.

This event, organized by the Internet Society Online Safety Special Interest Group, is scheduled for Friday, 16 December, 10:00 AM UTC. During one hour, three experts will hold discussions revolving around parenting at the digital age: the ups, the downs and the real threats.

  • Session 1: Parenting in the Digital Age, by Anna Amoomo from Namibia
  • Session 2: The Internet Never Forgets: Protecting Children and Keeping Them Safe on the Internet, by Raynolds Nyarko Darkwah from Ghana
  • Session 3: Cyber Disorders and Cyber Mental Health. A case study in Africa, by Rethabile from India
Date and Time

10:00 UTC

Friday 16 December 2022