OMAC Roundtable #6: Overview of the Internet Society 2022 Action Plan

Thank you for joining us for the overview of our Action Plan 2022.

As we’re starting a new year-full of possibilities, we all continue our work together as one global community, in building a healthy Internet for future generations. 

The sixth OMAC roundtable provided an overview of Internet Society’s 2022 Action Plan while giving an opportunity for organization members to learn and discuss key actions for 2022. The session also identified opportunities for collaboration between organization members and the Internet Society.

The OMAC Roundtables are designed for members and Internet Society to keep a finger on the pulse of Internet issues we all care about. The purpose of the events is to distill advice from the Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC) to the Internet Society Board and leadership and create opportunities for members to network, learn, and engage with each other around Internet industry matters. The participants will choose topics of discussions, and the OMAC co-chairs will moderate the meetings.

Read the meeting summaries of the previous events:

Date and Time

13:00 – 14:00 UTC

Thursday 03 February 2022