OMAC Roundtable #12: What Can the OM Community Do to Increase the Adoption of IPv6

IP (The Internet Protocol) is a fundamental technology that powers the Internet.

The previous version, IPv4 powers most networks around the world. However, it can only support an Internet of a few billion devices. IPv6 can support an Internet of billions of billions of devices and can provide enough address space to meet the needs of the growing Internet for decades to come. Simply put, the Internet has outgrown its original design and IPv6 is the future proof solution to ensure that the Internet can keep expanding.

Yet, IPv6 adoption has still not reached its full potential and its growth rate is linear, at most.

Graph showing the growing rate of IPv6

This 12th OMAC roundtable provided a space for organization members to explore as a community if there are ways to boost the adoption of IPv6 beyond its current growth rate.

Objective of the roundtable

  • Discuss the reasons why IPv6 has slow adoption
  • Discuss with organization members on how to increase the rate of adoption of IPv6
  • Identify opportunities, if any, where we can collectively make a difference
Date and Time

15:00 – 16:30 UTC

Tuesday 21 March 2023