Mid Career Fellowship Symposium 2023

Join us on Tuesday, 12 December, as we dive into the amazing work of our mid career fellows.

Our Mid Career Fellowship is a unique opportunity that offers 15 fellows unparalleled access to world-class educational institutions and experts in a seven-month program, from June through December. 

It equips global mid career Internet champions with the knowledge, skills, and tools to enable inclusive, innovative, holistic, and strategic leadership.

The fellows work throughout five modules which have live lectures and assessments, and the program culminates in this symposium, that will showcase the work they’ve completed. 

Join two of the following four sessions:

  • Ethical Framework for Generative AI
  • Navigating the Nexus of Encryption, Child Protection and Internet Governance
  • The Devastating Consequences of Internet Shutdowns
  • Use of Generative AI in Education
Date and Time

13:00 – 15:00 UTC

Tuesday 12 December 2023