Media’s Role in a Sustainable Recovery in Asia and the Pacific

Tackling Inequality: Inclusion and Empowerment

To help journalists strengthen their coverage on a range of pressing development challenges – from climate change to digital divides and rising inequalities – the Asian Development Bank and the Thomson Reuters Foundation hosted a four-part webinar series on the Media’s Role in a Sustainable Recovery in Asia and the Pacific.

Rinalia Abdul Rahim, our Senior Vice President for Strategy, Engagement and Communications, was speaking at Episode 3 of the series on Tackling Inequality: Inclusion and Empowerment. This webinar examined ways to bolster journalists’ reporting on rising socio-economic inequalities, with a specific focus on how news media can give voice to the vulnerable, combat gender biases, and ensure diversity within newsrooms.

Rinalia talked about the critical role the Internet has played in sustaining business, education, and social connection throughout the pandemic, and what we must do to ensure that it continues to be there for everyone in the future. 

Date and Time

11:00 – 12:30 UTC

Tuesday 05 April 2022