ION Durban

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ION Durban took place on Thursday, 7 September 2017, alongside the South African iWeek. iWeek included events with the ISP Association (ISPA), the South African Network Operators’ Group (SAFNOG), and the South African Domain Name Authority (ZADNA). As usual, this ION had generous support from our ION Conference Series Sponsor Afilias .

We had a full-day program of topics including IPv6DNSSECSecuring BGP, and TLS for Applications.

ION Conferences bring network engineers and leading industry experts together to discuss emerging technologies and hot technology topics. Early adopters provide valuable insight into their own deployment experiences and bring participants up to speed on new standards emerging from the IETF.

ION lets network operators stay ahead of the curve to understand and deploy emerging Internet technologies, and presents a unique opportunity to discuss the future of the Internet with the people who help craft it. More than a simple lecture series, ION events provide hands-on interaction with our speakers so you walk away with the answers you need to deploy new standards and technologies on your own networks.

Events bring together the best and brightest from the Internet industry to learn about the latest news, ideas, and technologies in a relaxed and educational atmosphere.


9:00 AMIntroduction to the Internet Society and Deploy360

Megan Kruse, Internet Society

Presentation / Video
9:15 AMWelcome from the ISOC South Africa Chapter

Alan Levin, ISOC South Africa
9:30 AMIPv6 Deployment Challenges Survey

Mukom Akong Tamon, AfriNIC
10:00 AMLiquid Telecom IPv6 Case Study

Andrew Alston, Liquid Telecom

11:00 AMIntroduction to the ISOC Gauteng Chapter

Thato Mfikwe, ISOC-Gauteng

11:15 AMPanel Discussion: MANRS, Routing Security, and Collaboration

Collaboration and shared responsibility are two pillars supporting the Internet’s growth and success. While the global routing system has worked well, it has significant security challenges that we must address. In this panel, security experts will discuss how we can create a culture of collective responsibility and improve the global routing system, including an introduction to the “Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security”.

Moderator: Kevin Meynell, Internet Society. Panelists: Ben Maddison, Workonline Communications; Desigan Pillay, Internet Solutions; Saul Stein, eNetworks

1:30 PMNAT64 experiments and NAT64Check tool

As many mobile operators were moving to IPv6 only, which is incompatible with IPv4 on the wire, it’s necessary to employ transition mechanisms such as 464XLAT or NAT64. The Go6lab NAT64/DNS64 testbed was therefore established so that operators, service providers, and hardware and software vendors can see how their solutions work in these environments. This has already generated significant interest, and instructions on how to participate are available on the Go6lab website.

When using NAT64 there are many things that need to be checked to ensure they work correctly. NAT64check has therefore been developed to allow websites to be checked for consistency over IPv4, IPv6-only and NAT64, as well to compare responsiveness using the different protocols. This allows network and system administrators to easily identify anything is ‘broken’ and to pinpoint where the problems are occurring, thus allowing any non-IPv6 compatible elements on the website to be fixed. For example, even if a web server is not running IPv6 (why not?), hard-coded IPv4 addresses can cause NAT64 to fail.

Jan Zorz gave insight and discussed some issues that he found while testing NAT64/DNS64 technology in real life scenarios and use-cases.

Jan Zorz, Internet Society

2:00 PMIntroduction to DNSSEC and Why We Can’t Avoid It

DNSSEC helps prevent attackers from subverting and modifying DNS messages and sending users to wrong (and potentially malicious) sites. So what needs to be done for DNSSEC to be deployed on a large scale? We’ll discuss the reasons for deploying DNSSEC, examine some of the challenges operators have faced, and address those challenges and move deployment forward.

Mark Elkins

2:30 PMHow Peering Behaviour Affects Growth of the Internet Ecosystem – An African Study

William Stucke

3:00 PMWhat’s Happening at the IETF? Internet Standards and How to Get Involved

What’s happening at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)? What RFCs and Internet-Drafts are in progress related to IPv6, DNSSEC, Routing Security/Resiliency, and other key topics? We’ll give an overview of the ongoing discussions in several working groups and discuss the outcomes of recent Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions, and provide a preview of what to expect in future discussions.

Kevin Meynell, Internet Society

3:30 PMPanel Discussion: IPv6 Success Stories

In this session, network operators will share their IPv6 success stories and lessons learned along the way that can help other managers of networks deploy IPv6. How did they do it? What technical, organizational, and political challenges did they face? Panelists will discuss the stages of IPv6 implementation—creating the business case for management buy-in, initiating a planning process, flipping the switch, and, finally, gathering measurements and proving success.

Moderator: Kevin Chege, Internet Society.
Panelists: Andrew Alston, Liquid Telecom; Mark Elkins; Brian Magwaza, Soweto Wireless
4:30 PMClosing Remarks

Megan Kruse, Internet Society


The ION Durban video footage is available all in one place on Livestream.

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Date and Time

Thursday 07 September 2017


Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani Hotel

Featured speakers and panelists

Kevin G. Chege

Director, Internet Development

Kevin joined the Internet Society in 2012 as the Internet Development Manager for Africa under the Africa Regional Bureau. Currently, he is the Director, Internet Development. Kevin has more than… Read more

Alan Levin

Chairman, ISOC South Africa, Internet Public Servant

He is a co-founding Board member of AfriNIC, the .za DNA and the Public Interest Registry. He was also a co-founder of the first Telkom ISP in 1997. Alan has… Read more

Ben Maddison

Director, Workonline Communications

Ben Maddison is Director and Co-Founder of Workonline Communications (Pty) Ltd with the responsibility of technology innovation and implementation. Workonline Communications, based in South Africa, is an innovative pan-African service… Read more

Brian Magwaza

Chief Technology Officer, Soweto Wireless

I studied Bsc Computer Science from the University Of Cape Town in 1998 (Degree incomplete). In 2012 I started my Information Communication Technology company called Njinjicom Pty Ltd which is… Read more

Megan Kruse

Director, Partner Engagement and Communications

Megan Kruse is the Director, Partner Engagement and Communications. Working across departments and projects, she identifies, develops, and implements engagement opportunities for organizations that further the Internet Society’s mission and… Read more

Jan Žorž

Former Operational Engagement Programme Manager

Jan Žorž served as Operational Engagement Programme Manager from 2012 - 2019, focused on the deployment of Internet technologies such as IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, and routing security protocols. Image credit:… Read more

Kevin Meynell

Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

Kevin Meynell is the Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement working in the Internet Technology Office. His main responsibility is for the Deploy360 program which encourages deployment of key Internet technologies… Read more


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