ION Belgrade

ION Belgrade took place on Thursday, 23 November 2017, alongside the Republic of Serbia Network Operators’ Group (RSNOG) . As usual, this ION also had generous support from our ION Conference Series Sponsor Afilias .

We had a full-day program so we could cover topics including IPv6DNSSECSecuring BGP, and TLS for Applications.

ION Conferences bring network engineers and leading industry experts together to discuss emerging technologies and hot technology topics. Early adopters provide valuable insight into their own deployment experiences and bring participants up to speed on new standards emerging from the IETF.

ION lets network operators stay ahead of the curve to understand and deploy emerging Internet technologies, and presents a unique opportunity to discuss the future of the Internet with the people who help craft it. More than a simple lecture series, ION events provide hands-on interaction with our speakers so you walk away with the answers you need to deploy new standards and technologies on your own networks.


9:30 AMOpening Remarks

Megan Kruse

Presentation / Video
9:45 AMWelcome from the ISOC Serbia Chapter

Desiree Miloshevic

Presentation / Video
10:00 AMMANRS, Routing Security, and Collaboration

Collaboration and shared responsibility are two pillars supporting the Internet’s growth and success. While the global routing system has worked well, it has significant security challenges that we must address. Kevin will provide an introduction to the “Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security” (MANRS) and Nenad will discuss why they joined MANRS and how we can create a culture of collective responsibility and improve the global routing system.

Kevin Meynell and Nenad Krajnović

Presentation / Video
11:00 AMWhat’s Happening at the IETF? Internet Standards and How to Get Involved

What’s happening at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)? What RFCs and Internet-Drafts are in progress related to IPv6, DNSSEC, Routing Security/Resiliency, and other key topics? We’ll give an overview of the ongoing discussions in several working groups and discuss the outcomes of recent Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions, and provide a preview of what to expect in future discussions.

Kevin Meynell

Presentation / Video
11:15 AMPanel Discussion: IPv6 Success Stories

In this session, network operators will share their IPv6 success stories and lessons learned along the way that can help other managers of networks deploy IPv6. How did they do it? What technical, organizational, and political challenges did they face? Panelists will discuss the stages of IPv6 implementation—creating the business case for management buy-in, initiating a planning process, flipping the switch, and, finally, gathering measurements and proving success.

Jan Zorz, Jordi Palet Martinez, Goran Slavić, Veljko Koš

Presentation / Video
12:15 AMClosing Remarks

Megan Kruse

Date and Time

Thursday 23 November 2017


Hyatt Regency Belgrade

PO Box 067, Milentija Popovica 5 Belgrade, Serbia, 11070

Featured speakers and panelists

Portrait photo  of Megan Kruse

Megan Kruse

Former Director, Advocacy and Communications

Megan Kruse was Director of Advocacy and Communications at the Internet Society until 12 January 2024. Read more about Megan Kruse

Jordi Palet Martinez

Jordi Palet Martínez has been working in computers, networking, and telecomm business during the past 30 years. His experience includes programming in several languages, OS porting, electronic and microcomputer circuit… Read more about Jordi Palet Martinez

Portrait photo  of Désirée Miloshevic

Désirée Miloshevic

Desiree Miloshevic is an Internet public servant and Senior Public Policy and International Affairs Advisor in Europe for Afilias, global provider of internet infrastructure and registry services.  Ms Miloshevic served… Read more about Désirée Miloshevic

Portrait photo  of Jan Žorž

Jan Žorž

Former Operational Engagement Programme Manager

Jan Žorž served as Operational Engagement Programme Manager from 2012 - 2019, focused on the deployment of Internet technologies such as IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, and routing security protocols. Image credit:… Read more about Jan Žorž

Portrait photo  of Kevin Meynell

Kevin Meynell

Former Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

Kevin Meynell was Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement, at the Internet Society until December 2023. Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos Read more about Kevin Meynell