Internet Hall of Fame 2021

The Internet is at the forefront of our lives. It's our connection to each other and our lifeline to the world around us.

The Internet Hall of Fame celebrates those on its frontlines, recognizing the Internet visionaries who contribute to its strength and growth. These pioneers have played an extraordinary role in the conceptualization, building, and development of the Internet on a global scale. They are luminaries who are paving the way for the next generation of Internet leaders. The Internet Society honors their contributions to our vastly and quickly evolving Internet and the public it serves.

This year, the Internet Society inducted 21 new Internet heroes into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Watch the ceremony to see what innovations are coming down the pike, and who has improved Internet strength and promoted its growth throughout the years.

Date and Time

14:00 – 16:00 UTC

Tuesday 14 December 2021



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