Internet and Geopolitics

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The term Splinternet is used to designate a fragmented Internet where the visibility of other networks and services is subject to filters introduced for economic, political or geopolitical reasons.

Organized by APDSI and the Internet Society Portugal Chapter, the event will debate what the Splinternet is and how its negative impacts can be mitigated.

Is Splinternet something new to fight vigorously, or has it always existed, and it is inevitable? Do we have to fiercely refuse it, or we have to accept it and find ways, for example through treaties, to alleviate its inconveniences?

  • Andrea Becalli, Senior Director, Stakeholder Engagement, ICANN
  • David Frautschy Heredia, Senior Director, European Government and Regulatory Affairs, Internet Society
  • José Legatheaux Martins, Retired Professor, FCT/UNL and Ex-president, Internet Society Portugal Chapter
  • Victor Angelo, Ex Assistant Secretary General, United Nations
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Date and Time

16:00 UTC

Wednesday 25 May 2022


Online and Lisbon, Portugal

Sala de atos da Universidade Aberta, Rua da Escola Politécnica 147

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