INET IoT San Francisco Bay Area 2016

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IoT Issues, Challenges & Opportunities of a More Connected World: Privacy, Security, Interoperability

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea that has been around for a long time but is now starting to come to fruition. The idea is that anything and everything can have a sensor and can provide information to a remote collector somewhere else on The Internet. Our cars, our homes, farm animals, farmer’s fields, light bulbs, roads—just about anything—can be fitted with a data collection device and the information used to make smarter decisions, driving improvements in almost anything from business profitability to consumer value to public safety. The need to collect and analyze the huge amount of data collected is driving advances in Big Data computing. Such data collection, while creating many market opportunities and benefits from improved services, also raises significant privacy, security and interoperability concerns.

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8:00 AMBreakfast
8:50 AMEvent Opening & Welcome
SFBay Area ISOC Chapter
Welcome from the Board
9:00 AMTopic: IoT An Overview. Understanding the Issues & Challenges of a More Connected World
Karen Rose – Senior Director of Strategy and Analysis, ISOC Global
9:40 AMKey Note
Safety, Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things
Vint Cerf – Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
10:20 AMCoffee Break
10:30 AMTopic: IoT Standards and Interoperability. IoT should be made to be easy to use, help reduce energy use, and aim for “universal interoperability”. Accomplishing this requires infrastructure in network architecture, and in technology standards of diverse types.
Bruce Nordman – Research Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, LBNL
11:10 AMTopic: IoT Security: Ascertaining What is Abnormal To Detect What is Potential Malicious Behavior
Merike Kaeo – Chief Technology Officer, Farsight Security, Inc. IoT Security
11:50 AMTopic: Delayed-Tolerant Network (DTN) as a cost-effective means to extend the reach of the IoT and improve security
Scott Burleigh – Principal Engineer JPL/NASA
12:30 PMLunch
1:15 PMTopic: IoT upside: consumer and public benefits of IoT in the building industry and civic management.
George Minardos – Chief Executive Officer, .Build gtld-Generic Top Level Domain
1:50 PMTopic: IoT Information security risks and potential risk remediation approaches
Michele Guel – Distinguished IT Engineer, Cisco
2:30 PMTopic: “Seven Misperceptions about the Internet of Things.” Policy-makers need new mental models to address old problems like privacy, consumer protection, and competition law in the Internet of Things and the “Cloud of Things.”
Michael Nelson – Public Policy, CloudFlare Inc.
3:10 PMTopic: Privacy & Public Policy Implications of IoT
Mr. Girard Kelly, Attorney California State Assembly
3:50 PMCoffee Break
4:00 PMPanel Discussions
Moderated by Karen Rose, ISOC Global
4:45 PMClosing Remarks & Thank You
SFBay Area ISOC Chapter Board
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Date and Time

Thursday 18 February 2016


Computer History Museum

1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA

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