Impact of India’s New Cybersecurity Directions

Organized by Medianama, Impact of India’s New Cybersecurity Directions roundtable discussion was held online, on 2 June, 9:30 UTC.

India’s new cybersecurity direction, issued via its agency CERT-In, enforces some significant changes in how digital companies, big and small, operate in India, and a significant increase in compliance burdens. Companies covered under these directions include all body corporates, including sole proprietorships.

The discussion assessed the practicality of these directions, global norms and best practices, the impact on privacy and security of companies and individuals, as well as recommendations on how these guidelines need to be changed.

Joe Hall, our Distinguished Technologist, Strong Internet, participated in the discussion, presenting our recently published Internet Impact Brief on India CERT-In Cybersecurity Directions 2022.

Date and Time

09:30 UTC

Thursday 02 June 2022