Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2020

IGF 2020 Theme: Internet for human resilience and solidarity

This year, the IGF was held online, in two phases. ‎

The IGF 2020 pre-events, newcomers sessions, thematic introductory sessions, as well as the Open Forums, NRIs and DC sessions were hosted from 2 to 6 November during the first meeting’s phase.

The meeting was officially opened on 9 November and closed on 17 November. During this 7-day phase, workshops, main sessions, the high-level leader’s track, parliamentarians roundtable and thematic concluding sessions were hosted.

For more than a decade, the Internet Society has supported multi-stakeholder Internet governance processes around the world by providing funding to the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as well as a number of National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs), and Schools of Internet Governance (SIGs).

On Monday, 16 November, 15:40 – 17:10 UTC, Andrew Sullivan, our CEO and President, participated at High-Level Leaders Track: Social Development. This session looked into roles digital technologies and digital ‎innovation could play for social development in various aspects.‎

Andrew Sullivan was talking about the fundamental properties of the Internet that allowed it to be a basis of the social development. Listen to his talk. You can also listen to Andrew’s replies to the questions asked during Q&A session.

Date and Time

Monday 02 November 2020 –

Tuesday 17 November 2020