Financing Mechanisms for Locally Owned Internet Infrastructure

Thank you for joining a launch of a new report that provides an overview of various network models while giving a deep look at how they can be financed sustainably to provide reliable, affordable Internet to communities.

Across the world, a growing number of community networks, municipal networks, and social enterprises are successfully connecting those who have historically been unserved or underserved, especially in areas where traditional for-profit companies choose not to invest. While they are building solutions to help close the digital divide, almost all of them struggle to access capital.

This is why we were pleased to invite you to the launch of the “Financing Mechanisms for Locally Owned Internet Infrastructure” report, a new study that documents and analyzes the operating models and financing mechanisms that can enable community connectivity providers to expand Internet access and build digital equity.

The online launch brought together experts and builders to discuss the report and strategies that can fund community-centered initiatives. It was also an opportunity to learn more about case studies featuring concrete experiences and discuss recommendations for policymakers, funders, and network builders.

The “Financing Mechanisms for Locally Owned Internet Infrastructure” report comes from a partnership between the Internet Society, Association for Progressive Communications, Connectivity Capital, and Connect Humanity.

Thank you for joining the discussion and learning about strategies and recommendations to fund community-led connectivity initiatives.

Date and Time

14:00 UTC

Thursday 22 September 2022