Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s (DSA) Global Summit is the premier event for policy makers, regulators, and industry personnel on Spectrum Sharing—a key to achieving universal connectivity.

We have worked closely with the DSA for years to push for enabling spectrum policies that help connect the unconnected, like Spectrum Approaches for Community Networks. This year we participated on a panel that took place on 27 March, 19:30 UTC, focused on “The success story of Dynamic Spectrum Access and Spectrum Sharing,” an approach that has helped several communities around the world to connect to the Internet.

DSA Summit sessions include private discussion-oriented workshops and roundtables for regulators, keynote presentations, and regulatory and industry focused panel sessions lead by Summit sponsors.

In 2023, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit was held in person on 27-28 March, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the event was live streamed for those who cannot join in person.

Date and Time

Monday 27 March 2023 –

Tuesday 28 March 2023


Sheraton Hotel & Resort

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil