Cybersecurity: How Human Networks Build Cybersecurity Capacity

The Internet Society and its members recognize that strengthening human capacity in the field of cybersecurity is highly important to advance a secure and trustworthy Internet. 

The greater our ability to strengthen human capacity in cybersecurity, the greater our chances to defend organizations, industries and nations from cyber threats and attacks.

Within this focus in mind, the Internet Society organization membership team is inviting you and your colleagues to attend the next member event: Cybersecurity: How Human Networks Build Cybersecurity Capacity.

In this panel discussion we’ll focus, together with high level experts, on the community building aspects that eventually enhance the cybersecurity posture. We’ll gather perspective from various initiatives that focus, roughly, on community, industry, and nations.

Date and Time

14:00 – 15:00 UTC

Tuesday 28 June 2022



Speakers and moderator

Portrait photo  of Gabriel Chen

Gabriel Chen

Vice Chair, Cybersecurity Special Interest Group (SIG)

Gabriel Chen is a graduate student at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign whose study emphasizes on Computer Security. During year 2022-2023, Gabriel serves as the Vice Chair of Internet Society… Read more about Gabriel Chen

Portrait photo  of Marjo Baayen

Marjo Baayen

Director, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)

Marjo Baayen is the Director of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) – a multi-stakeholder platform for countries, international organizations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise… Read more about Marjo Baayen

Portrait photo  of Pascal Steichen

Pascal Steichen

Chairman, European Cybersecurity Competence Network and Centre (ECCC)

Founder and CEO of SECURITYMADEIN.LU, the Cybersecurity Agency for the Luxembourg Economy and Municipalities. Since 20 years, Pascal is involved in the main cybersecurity initiatives of the Luxembourg Government, CYBERSECURITY… Read more about Pascal Steichen

Portrait photo  of Olaf Kolkman

Olaf Kolkman

Principal - Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy

I am an executive-level advisor to, and spokesperson of, the Internet Society, where I formulate, review, and advise on strategic, technical, and policy issues. I serve on several advisory boards… Read more about Olaf Kolkman