Community Network Xchange (CNX) 2022

Walking the Talk with the Internet, Community, and Networks

The Community Network Xchange (CNX) brought together community network practitioners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and become changemakers for the grassroots connectivity movement. Conceived of by the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and the Internet Society and first organized in 2017, CNX has been actively supported through the years by organizations such as APC, APNIC, A4AI, and many others.

Now in its sixth year, CNX 2022 gave you the chance to hear the stories of network builders, who joined the event on the ground from different parts of the world. They showed how their labor of love and passion help bring the Internet to their communities by sharing the stories, challenges, and successes of their diverse community networks.

Through these events, we intended to share our collective knowledge and learnings—and empower a movement of large-scale implementation of community networks for Internet access. This year, keeping in mind the evolving nature of the pandemic, associated travel challenges, and online event fatigue, CNX was spread across five sessions between June and October.

Session Information

In each session, one or more practitioners from a community network site reported from the ground. People from the local community who helped us understand their region, network infrastructure, their local usage needs, and the impact of connectivity. Community members shared their own stories, with a total of 10 stories in this series.

Each session was 90-minutes long and included: 

  • An introduction of the topic and a community network story
  • A report from the ground, where community members answered questions and shared their perspectives on their community network
  • A discussion and Q&A with two subject matter experts and representatives on the ground joining the discussion
Date and Time

04:30 – 06:30 UTC

Wednesday 29 June 2022 –

Saturday 29 October 2022



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