Central Africa Peering Forum 2021 at OSIANE

Towards a High-Quality Internet in Central Africa

For the second year in a row, the Central Africa Peering Forum brought together local, regional, and global peering ecosystems experts.

Organized by the peering community in Central Africa and supported by the Internet Society, the event addressed data protection, the creation and distribution of Internet content, online services, and how to create and maintain technical communities. The event culminated in concrete recommendations for a more stable and secure Internet infrastructure in Central Africa.

This year, the virtual event was part of the International Exhibition on Information Technology and Innovation (OSIANE 2021) organized by the nongovernmental organization PRATIC (Promotion, Reflection and Analysis on Information and Communication Technologies).

The Central Africa Peering Forum 2021 provided simultaneous interpretation (French and English).

  • Alain Aina, WACREN
  • Gael Hernandez, Packet Clearing House (PCH)
  • Eddy Kayihura, AFRINIC
  • Thys Kazad, Facebook
  • Ghislain Nkeramugaba, Internet Society
  • Ghislain Nkeramugaba, Internet Society
  • Olivier Leloustre, Cameroon Internet Exchange Point (CAMIX)

OSIANE is a platform for exchange, reflection and exhibition on best practices in digital technology and innovation. Over the years, this exhibition has become a framework dedicated to digital actors and a reference for the Central African sub-region. It allows the various actors of the information technology ecosystem of Central Africa to gather and propose innovative solutions to the needs expressed by users.

For the last 5 years, the exhibition has enabled governments, international institutions, public and private companies, research and university institutions, personalities and civil society to put at the heart of Central Africa’s development a better use of information technologies and the promotion of innovative solutions. In addition to being a framework dedicated to the actors of the sector, OSIANE is a place of exchange, discovery, training and business for all users, professionals and others. www.osiane.cg

About the Central Africa Peering Forum (CAPF)

Initiated by OSIANE and the Internet Society, the Central Africa Peering Forum (CAPF) is an event dedicated to fostering the creation of awareness, collaboration, and sharing of experiences in order to promote the evolution of the peering and interconnection ecosystem in the Central African sub-region.

During the 2020 edition, which was held virtually, the event drew about fifty participants from French-speaking countries. This year, the event hopes to attract even more participants from different countries.

Date and Time

13:00 – 15:00 UTC

Thursday 29 April 2021



Speakers and moderators

Portrait photo  of Alain Aina

Alain Aina

Ingénieur réseaux en chef, WACREN/Senior Network Engineer, WACREN
Former Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees

M. Alain Patrick Aina est ingénieur réseaux en chef chez WACREN. M. Aina dispose d'une vaste expérience, et est très investi dans l'écosystème Internet africain. Membre du Stability and Security… Read more about Alain Aina

Portrait photo  of Eddy Kayihura

Eddy Kayihura


Eddy est actuellement CEO d'AFRINIC, le registre internet de la région Afrique et de l\'océan indien. Il a rejoint AFRINIC depuis Novembre 2019. Il a plus de 20 ans dans… Read more about Eddy Kayihura

Portrait photo  of Ghislain Nkeramugaba

Ghislain Nkeramugaba

IXP Development Expert

As the IXP Development Expert at the Internet Society, I primarily focus on the development of Internet exchange point critical infrastructure and peering and interconnection ecosystems. Prior to joining the… Read more about Ghislain Nkeramugaba

Portrait photo  of Olivier Leloustre

Olivier Leloustre

Président, Newtelnet Cameroun et Broadband Cameroun/President, Newtelnet Cameroon and Broadband Cameroon

Président de Newtelnet Cameroun et de Broadband Cameroun, Olivier Leloustre porte de multiples casquettes toujours centré sur les technologies de l'internet. Outre son rôle de PDG, il est aussi Président… Read more about Olivier Leloustre

Portrait photo  of Gaël Hernandez

Gaël Hernandez

Directeur de la stratégie et de la planification en périphérie de réseau, Packet Clearing House/Director Edge Network Strategy and Planning, Packet Clearing House

Gaël Hernandez est directeur de la stratégie et de la planification en périphérie de réseau chez Packet Clearing House. À ce poste, il est directement impliqué et responsable de la… Read more about Gaël Hernandez

Portrait photo  of Thys Kazad

Thys Kazad

Responsable Afrique de la politique publique pour l'accès et la connectivité, Facebook/Africa Public Policy Manager, Access and Connectivity, Facebook

Thys est actuellement responsable Afrique de la politique publique pour l'accès et la connectivité chez Facebook. Auparavant, il était responsable de l'infrastructure et de la connectivité pour les pays de… Read more about Thys Kazad

Event Sponsors and Organizers