Beirut IXP Workshop

The meeting was attended by 50 people representing ISPs, network operators, universities, and content providers.  Three ISPs came from Syria in order to attend the workshop.

The workshop was dedicated to best practices in setting up and operating Internet Exchange Points. It was facilitated by four international experts who shared their experiences setting up Internet Exchanges and answered questions from the audience:

  • Jane Coffin, Internet Society
  • Nick Hilliard, INEX
  • Hisham Ibrahim, RIPE NCC
  • Bijal Sanghani, EURO-IX

The experts met with officials at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Ogero who shared with the experts their vision of transforming the Beirut IX into a regional Internet hub.  The officials also shared their desire for a neutral and open IXP structure that can be used by all legal entities desiring to peer together and keep local traffic within the country.

The Internet Society played the role of a neutral advisor to help the Ministry of Telecommunications put a roadmap for evolving the current IXP of Lebanon into a neutral one able to grow and attract content providers.  ISOC also played the role of coordinator by starting the national dialogue with all active stakeholders.


This Workshop was held in Collaboration between the the Internet Society, the European Internet Exchange Association, the RIPE-NCC, and with the participation of the Irish Neutral Exchange Association Ltd.

Friday 24 March – 2pm – 6pm
IXP Video (in Arabic)Bijal Sanghani
Why Peer – Benefits of PeeringNick Hilliard
Successful Peering StoriesJane Coffin
IXP Community Development(Governance/Development)Bijal Sanghani
 Saturday 25 March – 9am – 3pm
RIPE Atlas Anchors and Why Measurement Analyses are ImportantHisham Ibrahim
RIPE NCC – Getting your own ResourcesHisham Ibrahim
Technical and Practical IXP Best Practices (BGP, IPv6, DNSSEC all)Jane Coffin
Tools and databasesBijal Sanghani
Introduction to BGPNick Hilliard


BGP Best Practice at IXPs – Nick Hilliard

RIPE Atlas measuring the Internet- Hisham Ibrahim

EURO-IX – Bijal Sanghani

INEX What is an IXP? – Nick Hilliard

Date and Time

Friday 24 March 2017 –

Saturday 25 March 2017


Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel

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