Asia Internet Symposium, Hanoi 2017


Symposium Details

  • Organized by: Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau
  • Hosted by: Vietnam Internet Association


As society and economies are increasingly connected on the Internet, we are at an important juncture. As reported by the Internet Society, online trust is at an all-time low with 59% of users reporting they would likely not do business with a company that had suffered a data breach.

While we have secured great benefits from the exponential growth of the internet, the number and scope of cyber incidents is significantly affecting the consumer trust on technologies. Cyber incidents lead to business interruption, unanticipated costs and threats to user data, security and privacy. Further, the explosive proliferation of mobile and “Internet of Things” connected devices, has increased these risks.

In addition to physical security measures (building security, locking drawers/cabinets/offices, etc.), protection of digital data requires additional technology measures. Threats such as social engineering, forged email, malvertising, phishing, and botnets are on the rise and can lead to system breach.

The Internet Society’s (ISOC) Asia Internet Symposium Hanoi, will bring together experts from Government and Industry to discuss the cyber incidents and security landscape in Vietnam.

The following dimensions will be addressed:

  • Based on current trends, what should we be most concerned with when it comes to Cyber Security in Vietnam?
  • How is the Internet Industry in Vietnam prepared, and how they respond to growing threats?
  • How to build and maintain consumer trust on data services provided through Internet?
  • What is required to increase collaboration between local stakeholders in Vietnam?

Participants / Invitees

  • Government
  • Internet and Banking Industry
  • Businesses

About AIS

The Internet Society’s Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) are a series of regional events that focus on debate, dialogue and deliberation on topical issues concerning the Internet. Typically, a half-day or evening event, AIS is structured to provide an in-depth look at one particular topic with invited keynotes and presentations followed by a panel discussion.

Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) was established in October, 2010, operating on nongovernmental and not-for-profit basis. VIA currently has more than 100 organizational members, including telos, ISPs, communication, digital content providers, online services providers, hardware and software vendors, etc. VIA focus on activities of bridging together the policy makers and the enterprises and internet communities, by providing dialogues, conferences & workshops, business matching, training and promotion, etc. VIA aims to build a bright Vietnam Internet Ecosystem, openness and fairness for everyone”.

Date and Time

Tuesday 24 October 2017


Grand Plaza Hotel, Hanoi