African Internet Resilience #7: Digital Solution for Health Services and the Medical Industry during the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the last webinar of the African Internet Resilience Series, we examined digital solutions for health care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Digital Health is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health.

The goal of the online meeting was to discuss how Africa could build on the digital revolution in the health care sector to deliver solutions to fight against COVID-19. The webinar strived to identify health care problems that could be solved by Internet-based solutions and showcased and encouraged innovative solutions to improve health care during the pandemic.

Discussions during the meeting were structured around the following:

Universal Health Care Access in Rural Areas of Africa
Discussions focused on the need for Universal Healthcare services in rural areas in Africa. Special attention was given to how to ensure that all citizens have access to universal health care services.

COVID-19 Impact on Health Services in Africa
It is imperative to understand the impact and consequences of COVID-19 on the African continent. Discussions tried to assess how to guarantee safety and effective medical diagnoses and treatment? Other talking points were on how to ensure that urban and rural populations have equal access to medical treatment and protection and guarantee optimal efficiency within the health and medical industry.

Digital Solutions in the Health and Medical Industry for the Pandemic
The webinar shared insights on the latest technology and digital solutions and how to leverage on it to fight the pandemic. It also examined how technology ensures continuity in health and medical service delivery during lockdowns.

Case Studies
The webinar shared global case studies on digital health. It examined the case of China. It discussed how its adoption and implementation of technological solutions, for example, was one of the reasons for its success in “flattening the curve”.

Who should attend?
  • African policy makers
  • Regulators
  • Digital health specialists
  • Internet technologists
  • Internet users
Draft Agenda
  • Introduction, Dr. Dawit Bekele, Regional Bureau Director for Africa, Internet Society
  • Opening Remarks, Moctar Yedaly, Head of Information Society, African Union
  • Access to Universal Healthcare in Africa, Dr. Margaret Agama-Anyetei, Head of Health, Nutrition and Population, African Union
  • COVID-19 Impact on Health Services in Africa, James Oladipo Ayodele, Principal Communication Officer, Africa CDC
  • Digital Solutions in Health and Medical Industry for the Pandemic, Yang Chen, Director, Public Relations and Government Affairs, Southern Africa Region, Huawei
  • Virtual Tour Video, Huawei
  • Q&A
  • Wrap-up, Dr. Dawit Bekele, Regional Bureau Director for Africa, Internet Society
Date and Time

10:00 – 11:30 UTC

Thursday 15 October 2020




Portrait photo  of Dawit Bekele

Dawit Bekele

Regional Vice President - Africa

I am a Regional Vice President for Africa at the Internet Society. I have more than two decades of experience in Internet development in Africa and around the world. At… Read more about Dawit Bekele

Portrait photo  of Moctar Yedaly

Moctar Yedaly

Head, Information Society Division, African Union Commission/Responsable pour la Société de l'information, Union africaine

Moctar Yedaly is a telecom, satellite and computer engineer with an MBA in international business. He graduated from George Washington University, Amity University and Institute of Informatics. He has more… Read more about Moctar Yedaly

Portrait photo  of Dr Margaret Agama Anyetei

Dr Margaret Agama Anyetei

Head of Health, Nutrition and Population, Africa Union Commission/Responsable du service Santé, nutrition et population du département de l'Union africaine aux Affaires sociales, Union africaine

Graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana obtaining a BSc. in Human Biology (1986), MB.CH.B in Medicine and Surgery (1989). Served within the Ghana Armed Forces… Read more about Dr Margaret Agama Anyetei

James Oladipo Ayodele

Principal Communication Officer, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC)/Responsable principal de la communication, Centres africains de contrôle et de prévention des maladies (CDC Afrique)

James Ayodele is a communications specialist with more than 20 years of experience in managing corporate, project and program communications internationally. He currently serves as Principal Communications Officer for Africa… Read more about James Oladipo Ayodele

Portrait photo  of Chen Yang

Chen Yang

Director, Public Relations and Government Affairs Dept of the Southern Africa Region, Huawei/Directeur des relations publiques et des affaires gouvernementales, Département de l'Afrique australe

Chen Yang has been working with Huawei for 19 years and has experience working in China and Southern Africa. He has been engaged in market sales, operation management, key project… Read more about Chen Yang