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2019 Internet Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

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The Internet Hall of Fame has announced the names of eleven pioneers and visionaries who have made outstanding contributions to the Internet’s global growth, reach, and security. The new inductees were honored at a special ceremony held on 27 September in the Costa Rican capital.

Hailing from around the world, this year’s inductees joined other Internet luminaries in the Internet Hall of Fame. They have helped shape today’s Internet by expanding its reach into new regions and communities, pioneering a greater understanding of the way the Internet works, and enhancing security to increase user trust in the network.

The 2019 Inductees are:

  • Adiel Akplogan (Africa) advanced Internet development in Togo and across Africa, and served as founding CEO of the Regional Internet Registry for Africa
  • Kimberly Claffy (United States) pioneered the field of Internet data collection, measurement and analysis
  • Douglas Comer (United States) wrote the first series of authoritative textbooks explaining the scientific principles of the Internet’s design and its communications protocols
  • Elise Gerich (United States) was instrumental in the transition of the NSFNET to the modern-day Internet and of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions from stewardship of the U.S. government to a multistakeholder community
  • Larry Irving (United States) was a driving force behind the identification of the Digital Divide in the U.S, igniting global interest in the issue
  • Dan Lynch (United States) drove adoption of TCP/IP protocols and played a key role in driving the Internet towards a commercial network
  • Jean Armour Polly (United States) pioneered free Internet access in public libraries
  • José Soriano (Peru) was a leader in bringing the Internet to Peru and designed a replicable “public Internet” model
  • Michael Stanton (Brazil) was instrumental in bringing the Internet to Brazil, and continues to participate in the design and deployment of scalable optical networks in South America and around the world
  • Klaas Wierenga (Netherlands) invented eduroam, an international Wi-Fi roaming service for academic and research communities in over 100 countries
  • Suguru Yamaguchi (Japan) was a cybersecurity research pioneer and global leader in its deployment; founded Asia Pacific broadband Internet research and educational network project via satellite

Learn more about each inductee’s contribution here.

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17:30 CST/MDT (UTC-6)

Friday 27 September 2019


San José, Costa Rica

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New Class of Internet Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

2019 inductees recognized for contributions to Internet growth, access, and security around the world

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