Roadmap for the Deploy360 Programme

The Deploy360 Programme staff has been collecting requirements and feedback from the community here at the Deploy360 site, from within social networks and at our ION conferences.

Based on that feedback, we have outlined the content related to IPv6, DNSSEC, and Securing BGP that needs to be added to the Deploy360 Programme website:

These are living documents that will be continually updated and changed as we complete listed items, discover new items we believe need to be added and/or receive feedback from the larger community about items that need to be added or removed from the list.  (And we welcome your feedback on these documents.)

Within each roadmap, the individual sections contain two types of content:

  • Requirements – content that must be added to the site for this section to be “complete” in terms of meeting the section’s education goal.
  • Enhancements – content that we would like to add to each section. This content may be added after the required content is complete or if additional funding, staff or volunteers can be found to assist with this content.

The content listed on these roadmaps will either be curated (i.e. found on the Internet, verified for accuracy and pointed to with a review from the Deploy360 site) or will be created by the Deploy360 team in conjunction with partners and volunteers.

Separate from the content identified here, there is also the need to translate the content on the Deploy360 site into other languages.

Feedback on these roadmaps is definitely welcome.