IPv6 Community

There are many places on the Internet where members of the “IPv6 community” gather to discuss IPv6 deployment, ask and answer questions and share new tools/services/questions. With new discussion areas appearing on new social services all the time, here are the public places we are currently aware of:

Email Discussion Lists:

  • ipv6-ops – a list for people involved in the deployment of IPv6
  • RIPE NCC IPv6 working group – a list for discussion of IPv6 policy and operational issues within the RIPE NCC community.
  • ipv6-hackers – lists for discussion of IPv6 security issues (one list in English and one in Spanish)

Google+ Community:

LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn currently has over 100 different Groups related to IPv6, many connected with different regions and subject areas. Two of the more active Groups are:


Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook contains a large number of IPv6-related Groups and IPv6-related Pages. A few of the more active areas include:



IETF Working Groups

Within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), IPv6-related issues and standards are developed and discussed in many different working groups. Some of the primary groups include:

  • v6ops – IPv6 Operations
  • 6man – IPv6 Maintenance
  • 6lowpan – IPv6 over low power networks
  • opsec – Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure


If you are aware of other places where people are gathering to talk about IPv6 issues, please let us know.