IPv6 Basics

Why should I care about IPv6?

IPv6 is the future of the Internet, and without it the Internet can no longer grow.

We have been growing the commercial Internet for decades using IPv4 address space. At the time of its creation, IPv4 was not intended to satisfy the needs of a global commercial Internet. It was intended to support the needs of experimental research and government networks. We have known for many years IPv4 was a limited resource and that one day it would fully deplete. That day has come.

The Number Resource Organization has more information about the depletion of the IPv4 resource.

For us to move forward and continue adding new devices and services to the Internet, we must deploy IPv6. It was designed with the needs of a global commercial Internet in mind, and deploying it is the only way we can continue forward with an open and innovative Internet.

Where can I learn the basics of IPv6?

Several ebooks are now available that can help you rapidly get up to speed on what is involved with IPv6:

Basic IPv6 Security Resources:

Other Helpful Resources:

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