Creation of Internet Availability Center at the Cultural Center of the Armenian Society of Blind and Visually Impaired People

Armen Nazaryan
Armenia Chapter

Start date: June 2012

There are 19,000 blind and visually impaired people in Armenia. On December 2006 the General Assembly of UN has adopted a convention about the rights of disabled people aiming to encourage regards to their dignity.  With that in mind the Internet Society, Armenia Chapter took the initiative to help the rehabilitation of the Cultural Center of the Armenian Society of Blind People and submitted an application to former “Internet Society Community Grants Programme” to create an Internet Availability Center at the Culture House Of the Blinds.

Thanks to the Internet availability today young people can gather at the center after school and learn to use the computer through a voice recorder. Trainers offer support with specially designed computer literacy courses. Even Albert Musheghyan, the 85 years old doctor in Philology, uses the Internet with a Braille keyboard for his researches while correcting inaccuracies in Armenian history.

Albert Musheghyan uses the Intenet with a Braille keyboard - Culture House of the Blinds - Armenia

The implementation of this project brought several benefits:

  • The installation of a fully equipped Internet center for the blind
  • People started attending the Culture House again
  • Open access to information is provided
  • Opportunity is given to communicate with other Armenians around the world
  • Social isolation and loneliness are prevented
  • Specially designed teaching methods to easy learning are offered
  • The seed of a new dream has been planted … learn more

Project Status: