Application to Form a Chapter

Any Global Member in good standing may complete an application. When it is completed the application should be submitted by email to [email protected].

Please note that Chapter applications are valid for 6 months. The Chapter formation process, including receipt of all documents mentioned above, needs to be completed within this timeframe, after which the application will expire.

If you have any questions please contact the Chapter Support staff.

Chapter application requirements

A. Proposed name of the Chapter
The Chapter name must include both “Internet Society” and “Chapter”. These may be translated into your local language.
B. Community of Interest the Chapter will serve
Geography is a common choice for a community of interest, for example, within a country or city. However, any well-defined group of individuals is acceptable.
C. Purpose and scope of Chapter
It is important to indicate how you intend to serve your community of interest and why a Chapter of the Internet Society is a good way to do it.
D. Outline of key priorities for the first year of Chapter
It is important that besides drive and vision, there are also some concrete plans for what the Chapter will achieve in its first year of operation. If you are unsure as to how to develop a plan please visit our resource page.
E. Founding members of the Chapter
Please list complete contact information and affiliations for all persons who will be working together to create the Chapter. A minimum of 25 Internet Society members is required for a Charter. Please supply their names.
F. List of supporters and partner organizations
Please list complete contact information for any organizations or groups who will be supporting or partnering with the potential Chapter. Be sure to indicate an individual or an individual’s role for each supporter and their contact details. We strongly encourage Chapters to take a “multi-stakeholder” approach to forming a Chapter.
G. Membership
Please outline how you propose to communicate, engage, and interact with the members of the proposed Chapter. A steady stream of new members and volunteers serves a Chapter with a regular pool of energy and talent as well as new leadership.
H. List of requirements
Some countries, governments, or regulatory bodies have rules or regulations that must be followed by Chapters of organizations like the Internet Society. Examples include documentation or fees. It is important for you to check and to indicate here any requirements you find. If there are none please indicate with whom you checked.
I. Additional information
Please indicate here any additional information you believe would be helpful to our initial review.
J. Your contact information
Please provide complete contact information for yourself, including affiliation, postal address, phone numbers, and email address.