Minutes of Board Meeting No. 77

02 Feb 2010, Teleconference

Author: S. Bradner
Date: 2010-02-02
Committee: BOT
Document: 10-77
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77th Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society February 2, 2010.

The ISOC Board of Trustees met from 9:03 AM to 11:04 AM US EST on 2 February 2010 via teleconference.

The following members of the Board of Trustees were present:

Eric Burger
Raul Echeberria
Hiroshi Esaki
Ted Hardie
Daniel Karrenberg
Desiree Miloshevic
Alejandro Pisanty
Lynn St. Amour (President & CEO)
Patrick Vande Walle
Bert Wijnen
Jonathan Zittrain

Also present were:
Scott Bradner (Secretary)
ISOC Staff

Raul called the meeting to order at 9:03 AM US EST on Tuesday February 2, 2010.

I. Minutes Approved
I (a) Approval of board minutes

Bert moved to approve the minutes of the 76th board meeting. Daniel seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Resolution 10-01: Approval of Minutes of the 76th Board meeting
RESOLVED that the minutes of the 76th Board meeting of the Internet Society held December 4th and 5th, 2009 in Amsterdam are approved

II. 2011-2012 High Level Budget and Revenue Discussion

PURPOSE: Brainstorming session focused on income and revenue generation

Lynn introduced Jon McNerney’s report on Revenue Focus and Diversification. She said that her expectation was to have a high level discussion today in preparation for specific proposals for the March board meeting. Jon McNerney then reviewed his report for the board.

The board discussed the report, the budgeting proposal Daniel made in Amsterdam and the board’s involvement in fund raising.

Raul thanked Jon for preparing the paper. He said that the staff should consider the board discussion and propose specific efforts and level of funding at the March board meeting.

Lynn suggested that the staff establish the background for a discussion of a proposed funding baseline and suggestion for specific activities for the March board meeting. Raul said that sounded fine and asked if anyone had any other opinion. There was none.

III. PIR By-Laws Update

PURPOSE: High Level Update

Greg reported that the PIR board was meeting tomorrow and that he expected to have a revised proposal for PIR By-Laws changes within a week or so. He said he would bring it to the excom for their review.

IV. 2010 ISOC Board of Trustees election Process Update

PURPOSE: Status update on the 2010 ISOC Board of Trustees Election Process

Daniel said that the report he emailed to the board was sufficient for now. He said that he would have a full report for the March board meeting.

Patrick said that the Elections Committee was scheduled to have a conference call soon. He also said that the same electronic voting system that was used last year will be used this year as well.


The board discussed the plans for US INETs.

The meeting went into executive session at this point.

VI. The future of the IANA

Lynn St.Amour and Leslie Daigle reviewed current status of IANA contracts and confirmed the Board’s direction for actions, if any.

VII. PIR board appointment

Raul summarized the current list of the candidates for the PIR board. Lynn said that she expected that the excom will produce a list of candidates for consideration by the board by the middle of next week.

Daniel moved to adjourn. Bert seconded the motion. Since there were no objections, the meeting was adjourned at 11:04 AM US EST.

Summary of Resolutions

Resolution 2010-1: Approval of Minutes of the 76th Board meeting
RESOLVED that the minutes of the 76th Board meeting of the Internet Society held December 4th and 5th, 2009 in Amsterdam are approved.

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No. 77 (2 February 2010)