Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

No. 72 (May 29, 2009)
Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board Meeting No. 72

29 May 2009, Teleconference

Author: S. Bradner
Date: 2009-05-28
Committee: BOT
Document: 09-72
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72nd Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society May 29, 2009.

The ISOC Board of Trustees met from 12:09 AM to 1:17 AM US EDT on 29 May 2009 via teleconference

The following members of the Board of Trustees were present:

Hiroshi Esaki
Patrik Faltstrom
Ted Hardie
Daniel Karrenberg
Franck Martin
Desiree Miloshevic
Alejandro Pisanty
Lynn St. Amour (President & CEO)

Apologies were received from Bill St. Arnaud, Raul Echeberria, Patrick Vande Walle, Bert Wijnen and YAN Bao Ping.

Also present were:

Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Phillip Smith (incoming trustee)
ISOC staff

The board held a special meeting to discuss the ISOC response to the US Department of Commerce Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on the ICANN Joint Project Agreement (JPA)

Daniel called the meeting to order at 12:09 AM. He noted that proper notice was provided for this special meeting and there was a quorum present.

Lynn introduced the discussion and said she was looking for a sense of the board that they were in agreement with management’s recommendation that the JPA should be concluded.

The board discussed this question. The board consensus was in agreement that this was the sense of the board.

Lynn then asked if it was the sense of the board that ICANN as the organization that is responsible for the Technical Coordination and Management of the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System has a Stewardship role for this global shared resource. And, further that this role should be undertaken with the end-user and long-term stability of the Internet firmly and foremost in mind.

The board discussed the proposed sense of the board and Daniel’s suggestion to restructure the response to the NOI.

Lynn asked if the language presented in the draft response represented a sense of the board. There was no disagreement.

Lynn then moved on to the proposed sense of the board concerning the need for a bottom-up multi-stakeholder approach to governance of the coordination and Management of the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System,. As well as the seven elements for good governance outlined in the draft response. Alejandro said that he felt that it was important that any message sent to ICANN be done publicly.

Lynn asked if it was the sense of the board to support the bottom-up multi-stakeholder approach. There was no disagreement.

Lynn then moved on to discussing the need for the response to recognize the IETF’s rightful role in the IANA function. The board discussed how to express the IETF’s role in the IANA functions. It was decided to discuss the IETF role in the response conclusion.

Lynn then brought the discussion back to Daniel’s suggestion to restructure the response. The board consensus was that the recommendation to conclude the JPA be reinforced in the conclusion.

Lynn said that be staff will provide a draft on June 2nd and will submit it on June 4th unless the board says not to. She noted that getting the response in a bit early will enable socializing it with other stakeholders. The board supported this plan.

Daniel thanked the staff for the quality of their work and the board for being willing to meet at this ungodly hour. Lynn also thanked the trustees for their input.

Ted moved to adjourn. Hiroshi seconded the motion. There being no objection Daniel adjourned the meeting at 1:17 AM EDT.