Minutes of Board Meeting No. 59

21 May 2007, Teleconference

Author: S. Bradner
Date: 2007-05-21
Committee: BOT
Document: 07-59
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Maintainer: S. Bradner
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The ISOC Board of Trustees met from 10:13 am to 12:03 pm US EDT on 21 May 2007 via teleconference.

The following members of the Board of Trustees were present:

Fred Baker
Patrik Faltstrom
Daniel Karrenberg
Franck Martin
Desiree Miloshevic
Glenn Ricart
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Bill St. Arnaud
Stephen Squires
Patrick Vande Walle

Apologies were received from Erik Huizer and YAN Bao Ping.

Also present were:

Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Terry Monroe (ISOC Director of Development and Membership)
Terry Weigler – (ISOC Office Manager and Chapter and IM Support)
Drew Dvorshak
Lynn DuVal
Mark Thalhimer
Ted Hardie (incoming trustee)
Li Guanghao (observer for Dr. YAN)
Hiroshi Esaki (incoming trustee)

Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.

A quorum was present.

Daniel called the meeting to order at 10:13am.

I – Agenda Review, Apologies – Karrenberg

Daniel reviewed the agenda and asked if anyone wanted to comment on the agenda. No one did so Daniel adopted the agenda as published.

II – Review of Q1 2007 Financial Performance and new format for Management Reports (sent by L. St.Amour on 17th May, 2007)

Lynn provided review of the new management reporting formats that are now being used for the ISOC 2007 budget reports. (URL) Lynn said that the new formats are designed to provide more detail on the incomes and expenditures of specific activities of the Society, and thus provide the board with additional instruments to determine the direction of the Society.

Lynn then reviewed the restated 2007 ISOC budget (URL) and the 2007 Q1 balance sheet. (URL) Lynn noted that the staff salaries have been running under budget because of a delay in bringing some new staff on board but said that most of the new staff had been hired and the ongoing salary expense is now more in line with the budget. She then reviewed the figures for all of the ISOC departments.

Daniel asked the board if they felt that the new format for the board reports was the right way to go. All of the board members that commented felt that the new format is very helpful.

III – Update on 2006 Audit Report

Lynn reported that the Auditors have just completed a draft of the financial statements and that the statements will be given to the board at the Puerto Rico Board meeting.

IV – PIR related issues

Daniel reviewed discussions about the agenda for the joint PIR/ISOC meeting in Puerto Rico. The PIR board has suggested meeting from 3 to 6 pm followed by a dinner of the joint boards.

Franck asked if PIR could let the ISOC board know what PIR’s involvement is in various Internet governance initiatives. Because Franck could not be heard very well by all participants Daniel asked Franck to send a message detailing the concrete question to the trustees-only mailing list. After discussion, Daniel said he will suggest to the PIR chair that this item be added to the agenda.

Lynn reported that there have not yet been many responses to the call for nominations for the PIR board. She reported that additional efforts were beginning to further publicize the call. Glenn asked the ISOC board members to think if they could suggest additional candidates.

V – An interim update on various Member/Chapter activities

Lynn reported that Terry Monroe was currently in China but had provided a written report before he left about member and chapter initiatives for the board. (URL) She said that the report discussed an initiative currently under way to better understand how ISOC chapters operate and another initiative to review all of the ISOC policies and principles with a plan to bring information and proposals to the board for their consideration. Daniel asked if Lynn expected that there would be a draft of an ISOC value proposition completed in time for the next board meeting as part of the Board Work Plan Action Items. Lynn said that there would be a draft.


Fred asked Lynn for an update on staff thinking about individual members. Lynn reported that there had been a number of specific efforts to recruit individual paying members but the efforts have met with little success. She said that she felt that a well stated value proposition was needed before there would be much success but that she and the staff still have as a goal to recruit enough individual paying members to start electing board members. Fred asked that the staff provide a report to the board about this area in time for the next board meeting.

Daniel adjourned the meeting at 12:03pm.

Summary of Resolutions

Not any resolution available.

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No. 59 (21 May 2007)