Minutes of Board Meeting No. 144

Author: J. Levine
Date: 2019-03-19
Committee: BOT
Document: 2019-03-19
Status: Confirmed
Maintainer: J. Levine
Access: Unlimited


19 March 2019

Video conference

Guide to Board of Trustees session types:

  • Closed Executive Session: board members only.
  • Open to Observers Session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open Forum Session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions (none were scheduled for this meeting).

The meeting opened in Open to Observers Session at 13:07 UTC.

Board members present:

  • Walid Al-Saqaf
  • Richard Barnes
  • Gonzalo Camarillo
  • Olga Cavalli
  • Hans Peter Dittler
  • Hiroshi Esaki
  • John Levine
  • Glenn McKnight
  • Désirée Miloshevic
  • Harish Pillay
  • Sean Turner

Absent: Robert Pepper. The absent voting trustee confirmed that he had received notice of the meeting and did not object to having less than seven days’ notice.

Staff present: Kevin Craemer.

1. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts–G. Camarillo

No conflicts were declared.

The meeting entered Closed Executive session at 13:09.

2. Interview candidates for Treasurer.

The meeting entered Open to Observers Session at 13:36.

3. Vote for Treasurer.

The result of the vote was 9 for Richard, one for Harish, one abstention. Richard was elected as the ISOC treasurer, effective on March 26 when Sean steps down, until the AGM.

4. Adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 13:45 UTC.

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No. 144 (19 March 2019)