Meeting (30 October 2014)

A scheduled meeting of the Finance Committee of the Internet Society (ISOC) was held on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 12:00 UTC. In attendance were Jason Livingood, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee, and David Farber, Hiroshi Esaki, Sean Turner as members of the Finance Committee.

Also in attendance were Greg Kapfer, Chief Financial Officer and Sandra Spector, Director of Finance

Jason called the meeting to order.

Review of 2015 Internet Society Action Plan

Greg noted that this meeting was scheduled to give the Committee the opportunity to discuss the recently submitted 2015 Action Plan, including supplemental schedules submitted to the Board on October 24/25. Greg discussed the Supplemental Schedules to the 2015 Action Plan, and noted that they reflected no significant changes from the information provided to the Committee in prior 2015 planning updates. Greg noted that the 2015 Action Plan works toward outlining ISOC’s Strategic and Operational Objectives supported by specific Initiatives. Through these corporate wide Objectives and Initiatives, ISOC will be able to work cross functionally in the coming year. Greg then reviewed the supplemental information and answered questions from the Committee. Greg noted that the next step after the 2015 Action Plan was published was forecasting the 2014 financial results.

Finance Committee 2015 Budget Report

Jason then walked the Committee through the Budget Report to be submitted to the Board of Trustees for review at the November meeting. The Committee edited the document accordingly and approved for submission to the Board in Honolulu.


Greg updated the Committee on engaging SunTrust or Morgan Stanley to purchase Euros and/or Swiss Francs for future use. The Committee agreed to explore these options.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 UTC.