Author(s): Donald M. Heath
Date: 1998.6.9
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 98-025
Status: Rev 1
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Frode Greisen at 8:00am ET USA.

Frode Greisen
Haruhisa Ishida
George Sadowsky
Donald M. Heath

1. INET’98
Plenary keynote and panel speakers were discussed and plan for the order of the plenary program was presented. There will be one keynote at the Opening plenary and no panels. The Opening plenary will also have smaller presentations and awards reducing the amount of time required for a panel or second keynote. The second plenary will have one keynote and one panel (Commerce Panel), and the third plenary will have two panels (National Governments, or “Minister’s” Panel and the “DNS” Panel). Vint Cerf will keynote the Opening plenary, and Robert Verrue will keynote the second plenary.

Registrations remain somewhat of a question although there are about 600 paid, plus another 160 from the Network Training Workshop. The sponsorship aspect of the conference looks reasonable and there are still efforts underway to add sponsors.

Sadowsky reported that there is still no agreement on securing International Internet access for the workshop at the city university and for the conference at Palexpo. Greisen advised to investigate other options than Swisscom if there was no progress, such as e.g. Ebone, in which case a link to Zurich would be required and this would have to be ordered very soon.

2. US Government White Paper
While there was general agreement that the US government White Paper, addressing the issues relating to the administration of the Internet DNS, was good for Internet self-governance and for the Internet, there was concern expressed regarding the lack of definition on how the new non profit corporation (the new IANA) was to be formed. As long as it is done through an open process with adequate representation from the international community of Internet stakeholders, the committee felt the result would be acceptable. It was further noted that any effort to form the new IANA without Jon Postel and the existing IANA at its foundation, would probably not be successful.

Heath will put the final draft of the ISOC statement on the White Paper out to the Trustees today, 9 June 1998, and call for vote immediately for posting on our web site by Friday.

3. Board Meeting Agenda for 20 July 1998
Draft agenda of 2 June 1998 was discussed. Greisen requested that the ratification of the electronic votes be moved to the beginning of the meeting. Also it was discussed and agreed that the “New Marketing Thrusts” and membership item be moved into the meeting of the current Trustees.

A reminder to get reports and other information for the Trustee documents book are due at ISOC headquarters by 21 June 1998 for incorporation and shipment to all Trustees by 28 June 1998.

Heath will finalize the agenda and email it to the Trustees today (9 June 1998).

4. Finances
The Organization Member (Funds Status) Report and Cash Flow Report for 2 June 1998 were discussed and reviewed. Both look good and show that ISOC is continuing to improve its financial health. Heath pointed out that we still have a very aggressive plan for new members and for upgrading existing members.

Heath gave a preliminary report on the May financials that showed a positive fund balance in excess of $150,000 – up from a negative balance last month. This resulted from a surplus during May that exceeded $200,000. He further pointed out that it is difficult to make judgments on the basis of month-to-month numbers, because of the dramatic changes that can occur due to INET conference sponsorships. In any event, YTD numbers are favorable. Trustees are encouraged to continue their efforts to identify new Organization members and to get existing members to upgrade.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55am ET USA.

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Meeting (09 June 1998)