Date: 2002.01.31
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-02-001
Access: Unconfirmed

Attendees: Brian Carpenter, Rosa Delgado, Latif Ladid, Kees Neggers, Lynn St.Amour, Mike Conn, Robert Vaughan
Unavailable: Christian Huitema

The call opened with a report from the President on the expected 2001 financials (report was sent in a separate mail). This was followed by a series of brief operational reports summarized below:

  • NDSS’02 – will most likely break even with number of registrants just exceeding budget
  • INET’02 – overall program is progressing well. There is movement in lining up sponsorships, but the general level of commitment is significantly down from previous years.
  • INET’01 – the final settlement is still in dispute – this is expected to be resolved by mid to end February
  • Conferences – given the critical need to ensure a successful INET’02 and the relatively late start, there was some discussion re how to ensure this happens while beginning to plan for conferences in 2003 and beyond.
  • .ORG review – David Maher to lead evaluation with assistance from VP’s and Rosa.

Governance Transition Committee – The balance of the call was spent reviewing the version 3 draft of the recommendations of the Governance Transition Committee. The details are not included in the minutes, but can be referenced in the Committee’s final report to the Board. With two small changes, the Executive Committee approved the recommendations and agreed to send the Committee’s final report out to the full Board for approval. The report concluded with a review of the election time line and the need to streamline the process for 2002.

The call ended with a brief financial report on 2002 from the President. While in 2001, we expect to exceed the budgeted surplus of $328K, the outlook for 2002 poses many challenges due to the continuing difficult economic times.

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Meeting (31 January 2002)