Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2000.10.30
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 00-008
Status: Rev 1
Maintainer: G. Huston
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter, at 8:00am ET USA, on the 30th October 2000.

Brian Carpenter
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Don Heath
Lynn St Amour
Bob Vaughan

1. Review of ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee reviewed the current cash flow position.

It was noted that the net position from the current Platinum program drive will be USD 340,000 in revenue for FY 2000, and that payment schedules are being arranged individually with each organization. It was determined that the Platinum program is to be a calendar year-based program with the anniversary date set to January of each year.

It was noted that the cash flow position will remain tight over the remainder of 2000, and is expected to improve with the influx of 2001 membership payments at the start of 2001.

The expenditure and income from the 2000 Network Training Workshop, as reported in the general accounts statement for 30th September, was queried by the Committee. Further liaison with the INET’2000 conference chair was expected to resolve this to be a revenue neutral activity for ISOC.

In addition to the Platinum program income, it was noted that there is still an organizational objective to focus on fund raising to ensure that ISOC can continue to operate in a financially stable manner.

2. ISOC 2001 Budget
The Executive Committee reviewed a preliminary draft of the 2001 budget, noting a presentation format that was consistent with the four major activity programs of ISOC. The budget outlined a pragmatic position with respect to anticipated revenue, and forecast a modest operating surplus for the year.

The Committee voiced the objective of using 2001 to raise the cash reserves for ISOC, requesting that further budget preparatory activity examine ways to reduce expenditure in order to accumulate a responsible level of operating reserves and also looking at the undertaking of an organizational membership drive in 2001.

3. December 2000 Board Meeting
The committee reviewed the agenda for the December 2000 Board meeting. In the interests of reducing the staff overhead in preparation for this meeting it was requested that the printing of meeting materials be kept to a minimum and that relevant documents be circulated electronically prior to the meeting where possible.

It was noted that the Board will schedule an executive session of the Board in order to discuss staffing arrangements for 2001.

The Secretary was requested to draft proposed amendments to the ISOC By Laws relating to an agenda item to consider the inclusion of nominees from the ISOC Advisory Committee as members of the Board of Trustees.

4. INET’2001
ISOC has completed the preparation of a MoU with Expo Nova for INET’2001, and the contracts are now being drafted. The target surplus from INET’2001 is USD230,000 for ISOC and no financial risk is to be borne by ISOC. The arrangements include a review in mid November to ensure that sponsorship levels meet agreed milestone targets.

5. ISOC Vice Presidents
The committee was informed by the President that the preparation of a slate of Vice-President positions was close to completion. The slate will be passed to the Board for ratification when complete.

6. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on November 21st, 2000, commencing 8:00am US Eastern Time.

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Meeting (30 October 2000)