Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2001.7.30
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-01-007
Access: Unconfirmed

ISOC Executive Committee

Phone conference, 7/30/2001
Minutes taken by Bob Vaughan

I. Participants:

  • Bob Vaughan
  • Rosa Delgado
  • Lynn St.Amour
  • Mike Conn
  • Latif Latid

II. Finance Report
As predicted, ISOC’s expenses exceed available cash. A six-month forecast to be distributed later in the week shows Accounts Payable growing through October. We are counting on the Platinum contributions and new organization members to end the year in a positive cash position and various efforts are underway to support these fundraising activities.

To assist in organization recruiting and marketing, Judy Suhr is now on board on a part-time temporary basis. Her first assignment is to support the revamp of organization membership materials (target date of early-September). Brian and Lynn will use these materials in a campaign targeting companies with large IETF participation. On a separate front, Brian and Mike Nelson are hoping to convince Al Gore to join ISOC’s Fund Raising Committee.

III. INET 2002
Richard Perlman joined the call to give a status report on INET 2002. While the plans and budget are still not in a stage to submit to the ExComm for approval, Richard outlined recent activities and draft targets:

  • FORETEC has submitted a rough draft proposal to run the conference and guarantee its financial performance if ISOC/FORETEC can arrange to have network services donated and raise approx. $200K – $250K in sponsorships. FORETEC is missing room pricing from the Crystal City Hyatt, so a firm budget was not available for review. Richard discussed a candidate sponsorship plan that included participation support from the INET Conf. Comm. and from South American countries given they’d like to hold an INET there the following year.
  • The conference committee is evaluating packaging INET with George Mason’s Global Internet Conference to add value to both offerings. The closing session of the George Mason conference will also serve as the welcoming reception to ISOC’s conference and should attract a world class speaker and help increase attendance.
  • The Program Committee continues to make good progress in identifying speakers and topics.
  • Richard reported that he hoped to have a budget for review within one to two weeks and recognized that the ExComm was very concerned about the relatively short amount of time remaining between now and the conference.

Latif commented that an IPV6 session could add 100 people to the list of attendees, and Rosa commented favorably on targeting South American countries for sponsorship. She suggested that we have marketing materials prepared in time for the ICANN meeting in September in Montevideo. Lynn and Mike Conn cautioned that the INET decision needs to be made within the context of ISOC’s overall financial outlook and resource availability. In general, there was strong support for INET 2002 if the financial arrangements can be satisfactorily worked out.

Latif is awaiting responses from Brian, Christian, and Kees on his question regarding ISOC’s intent re positioning for IPV6. With respect to the IPv6 Education proposal Lynn and Latif are working on the project and will meet in the coming weeks to discuss further.

V. Individual Membership
The initial review of how to make individual membership self-sustaining has not yielded any quick fixes. Lynn expressed her views that a major restructuring of membership is required, and that that cannot be accomplished this year without jeopardizing other more critical priorities. She will submit a proposal to the ExComm at the end of August and will likely recommend that any action on individual membership be deferred until 2002.

VI. Publications
The first in a series of bi-weekly member-briefing papers was sent out last week. There is quite a long list of topics and authors already committed. The Public Policy issue of OTI will be delayed slightly but is expected to ship in the early fall. In an unexpected development, ISOC has gained access to and will soon be hosting a report which summarizes current RFC activity (the Robert Ferrell report). Finally, Lynn and David Maher are working on launching a Public Policy Council.

VII. Other
Marty Burack submitted an Election Committee report, and Christine Maxwell submitted a status report on ISTF-developments. Both were submitted to the Board of Trustees.

All Board Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting (30 July 2001)