Author(s): Martin Burack
Date: 1999.10.29
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 99-07
Status: DRAFT
Maintainer: Martin Burack
Access: Unrestricted

The meeting was called to order by Geoff Huston, Chair, at 8:30am, EDT.

Geoff Huston
Christine Maxwell
Kees Neggers
Don Heath
Lynn St.Amour
Marty Burack

1. Financials
Cash continues to be managed very tightly in order to overcome the $700K negative swing in the P&L from planned to actual. The cash flow projection shows a negative balance at the end of November. But Don will negotiate the payables and is confident we will be able to delay sufficient payments for ISOC to remain solvent. Meanwhile, the revenue base continues to grow so that the long-term outlook is more promising, and we should be able to begin re-building cash reserves.

Various revenue activities were discussed, e.g., NTW’99 – NATO owes us money for a report already submitted by Alan Greenberg.

APNIC has come in as a Gold member. RIPENCC and ARIN seem to have cash and want to be strong Internet players. So, they should be good prospects. ICANN, though, is asking them for large amounts.

ICANN’s funding efforts, so far, don’t appear to have conflicted with our fund raising.

In a couple of weeks, we will begin invoicing members for year 2000 renewals. Some will pay before January and that will help the cash flow.

2. Year 2000 Board Elections
Marty Burack was appointed Chair of the Nominations Committee. Suggestions for Committee members should be emailed to me as soon as possible, please.

Ex-Comm suggest that the Nominations Committee give consideration to nominating Board candidates who will provide more gender diversity on the Board.

3. INET 2000
JPNIC will be assuming financial responsibility for the conference. Documents are being prepared to make this formal. ISOC will only proceed with INET2000 if we can be sure of having no financial liability in the event of a loss.

There is a very aggressive sponsorship target of USD 2.5 million. The Japanese have identified many prospects, and some discussions have been held. But much of the money would come in late and contracts have not yet been signed.

JPNIC is not yet willing to commit to raising sponsorships for the NTW. We need to determine if the year 2000 workshop can be made completely self-funding. This may be the right time to begin to regionalize the workshops and not do a central workshop. More analysis will be done and a review made at the Board meeting.

4. Strategic Plan
Parts of the Plan are actually being carried out. Michael Goodman is developing scenarios to show alternatives for expanding our activities, with milestones, funding requirements and projected results. This will be discussed in detail at the Board meeting.

5. Chapters
It’s important that ISOC ensure that the chapters conform to ISOC policies, by-laws, and guidelines. It is not clear to some members of Ex-Comm that this is happening. This topic needs to be discussed in detail at the Board meeting.

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Meeting (29 October 1999)