Author(s): Martin Burack
Date: 2000.4.28
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-00-03
Status: DRAFT
Maintainer: Martin Burack
Access: Unrestricted

The meeting was called to order by Geoff Huston, Chair, at 8:30am, EDT.

Geoff Huston
Christine Maxwell
Kees Neggers
Marty Burack
Don Heath
Lynn St.Amour

1. ISOC Financials
Cash flow is improving. There is still a substantial amount of organizational dues outstanding. Three orgs will be dropped next month if they don’t pay. We are back up to being over $1.6 million in annualized base- line organizational dues revenue.

Paid to date38$ 356,000
Outstanding40$ 449,250
Renewals to be invoiced57$ 585,500
New members (Y2000, to date)20$ 156,000
Prospects invoiced & expected to pay5$ 64,500


2. INET 2000 update
There are 233 registrations to date; we need about 1,100 to break even. Sponsorships are strong and have a good possibility of exceeding budget.

3. Future INETs
INET 2001 Torryn Brazell and Richard Perlman visited Paris and discussed INET 2001 with the proposal submitters, ZDNET. The Paris bid is a strong one. Sweden is reworking their bid. Glascow remains a strong contender.

INET 2002 Richard and Torryn visited proposed site in Hawaii. A report will be submitted.

4. NTW
We have been asked to help fund the cost of bringing some of the instructors from Latin America to INET. We want to do it, but have to figure out how to raise the funds. Don asked for specifics and an estimate of the costs from the LAC NTW people.

5. Publicity
The N.Y. Times is interested in doing an insert on the global digital divide, possibly published in June. Don met with someone from there. ISOC would probably have a strong presence, with mentions of NTW, SITCs, and INET. Lynn is looking for one or two interns who can generate some low cost publicity to get more visibility for ISOC.

6. ISOC BoT Election
A candidate Question and Answer section has been set up on the ISOC web site to enable members to better understand the views of the candidates. Summary emails, of the Q&A’s will be sent to those members who request to be put on a list. Three questions have been submitted to date to the candidates and answers have been posted.

Christine has taken the lead on an ISOC submission of a discussion paper on universal access to information, to UNESCO’s INFOethics 2000 conference. She will seek help from the Board, ISOC Advisory Council and the ISOC membership as a whole in bringing in appropriate expertise to help formulate the paper. ISOC is still in a fact finding mode in terms of how to best work with UNESCO. Christine expects to submit recommendations on this to the ISOC board in a week or so. Specific information on documents to be supplied to UNESCO as a first step in the formal review process for ISOC to become an NGO has been given to the Secretariat.

8. China Delegation status
We expect 20-25 people. This would entitle ISOC to share in the revenue. Lance Laack, our webmaster, will be going along as a ‘rapporteur’. He will publish a summary (with pictures) of each day’s visit so that other ISOC members will be able to ‘share’ in the trip. We will either split his expenses with Liya (the trip arranger) 50/50 or they’ll pick it all up.

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Meeting (28 April 2000)