Author(s):Martin Burack
Date: 2000.1.28
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-00-01
Status: DRAFT
Maintainer: Martin Burack
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The meeting was called to order by Don Heath, Acting Chair, at 8:30am, EDT.

Vint Cerf
Kees Neggers
Don Heath
Lynn St.Amour
Marty Burack

1. INET’2000
MOU: A signed copy of the MOU has been received from Japan.

Sponsorships: Japan – About US$700-800K has been collected; roughly the same has been committed, and about US$600K is in progress. U.S. – $261K has been pledged, of which $121K has been collected.

Marketing: The Gable Group has been hired to do P.R., and implement the plan that Torryn Brazell distributed a few months back.

Plenary Speakers: John Chambers and two prominent Japanese executives have agreed to speak. Heath is trying to get Steve Case, and Vint will help.

Issues and Concerns: There is a lack of publicity in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. This may cut down on the number of attendees from that area, and we need them to have a financially successful conference. Those areas may be less likely to support INET2001 if the conference doesn’t have a continuous visibility in their areas.

2. NTW2000
We have not yet heard whether or not the Japanese government will provide funding. Jun Murai expects a decision any day now. If they do not provide significant support, we will probably switch to more regional workshops.

3. NDSS2000
We have more sponsor revenue and a great program. But registrations are down. We had 142 as of a few days ago, and may hit 150. That should be enough to generate a small profit.

4. Finances
We’re beating the revenue estimates in the cash flow projections, so far. Collecting dues is an ongoing, time consuming, problem. A lot of personal contact is necessary to get the dues paid. Budgets often don’t settle in quickly. Vint Cerf suggested that we need to look at how me might be able to provide more visible, tangible, value for the org members; e.g., providing more analyses as ISOC used to do: state of the net, implications of new technology, etc.

Expenditures are being tightly controlled and we are paying only what needs to be paid. We need to look for more ways of automating the administrative processes.

RFC Editor: ISOC just signed a contract with ISI for three years, for a little over one million dollars. We are looking for ways of raising more funds to support this, including developing added value – such as providing analyses of the significance and impact of specific RFCs.

5. Membership
Five noteworthy things have been done to increase organizational memberships:

  1. Sent targeted email to 26 U.S. organizations, cold, and then followed up as needed.
    10 have joined (4 as Gold; 5 as Exec; 1 as Professional).
    8 are in progress; 7 are not interested; 1 is considering.
  2. Sent postal mailings to 30 U.S. organizations. Have gotten zero response! The organizations in both groups appeared to be similar, and it seems as though email will get a much better response than will postal mail.
  3. Email solicitations have been sent to 29 more U.S. orgs (6 in the last few days), and 13 have responded positively so far.
  4. Went after 27 Executive level organizational members to try to get them to move up to Gold. Seven have said no; 7 have not responded; 11 are still being worked; 2 have dropped out of ISOC (Sun and Hong Kong Telecom).
  5. A Silver membership level has been implemented; US$25/12.5K.

The Geneva office is undertaking similar actions.

6. Trustees Elections
Marty Burack reported that there are about two dozen people suggested as candidates. The Nominations Committee was having a conference call on Friday (U.S.) evening to whittle the number down, and expected to have a slate of candidates announced on Monday (U.S. time). There are some very good candidates and it will be difficult to agree on just 10, with some who may be “obvious” candidates having to get on the ballot via petition.

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Meeting (28 January 2000)