Meeting (27 February 1997)

Author(s): D.M. Heath (President/CEO)
Date: 1997.2.27
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 97-013
Revision: 1
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Larry Landweber
Scott Bradner
Geroge Sadowsky
Frode Greisen
Vinton G. Cerf
Donald M. Heath

1. Cash Position

  1. We currently have on hand $337,969
  2. If nothing comes in between now and the end of March, we would be down to $174,429, based on projected expenditures.
  3. We expect about $90,000 any day from CRIM and another $90,000 from NATO. The NATO money will come 1/3 at a time.
  4. Of $718,250 invoiced at the end of last year (some early January), we have received 268,500. The Org members were called before we invoiced them, so we feel more solid about the prospects of collecting a high percentage of the amount invoiced. Still, we are only booking revenue when we get it (for now), taking an extremely conservative position.
  5. There are 5 new Org members in 1997 who have already paid their dues – total $22,000
  6. Of 110 invoices sent, 41 have paid. Beginning 3/1, Marty and I will be following up on those remaining.

2. INET’96
Final numbers are in (audited). We made a net of $227,698! The Workshop currently shows a loss of $4,000, but with the NATO money mentioned above .

3. gTLD-MoU
Will send out proposed MoU to BoT today or tomorrow, depending on discussions with Jon Postel. It is important that we know where Jon stands and I will follow up with him today.

At that point, we will call for an electronic vote of the full BoT.

4. Legal Actions
Reviewed potential lawsuit of Image Online Design against IAHC regarding .web. IOD wants: 1) to be recognized by IAHC as having intellectual property rights to .web; 2) to be bypassed or exempted from the lottery process for selecting registrars; 3) to be the exclusive registrar for .web until full sharing of all gTLDs is effected. This is the equivalent of asking to be treated the same as NSI.

Subsequent events indicate that we will be served today and enjoined in a suit.

5. Chapters
All Org members must be members of ISOC, but chapters can recruit and add a surcharge that they will keep. In the distributed doc, this means essentially eliminating the reference to the 15% limit.

On Individual members, all will be full ISOC members, but some may become so at a reduced rate of $12.00 by not getting the ISOC magazine “OnTheInternet.” We will redraft the document to reflect which countries this rate could apply, using some index such as GNP, GDP, UNDP.

ISOC will have the right to audit a Chapter annual, but is optional.

6. INET’97
Plenary Keynotes:
The Prime Minister of Mayalasia has been invited; Bill Gates has agreed to provide a 5-minute videotape, but declined to speak live due to geographical reasons; Cerf will contact the President of British Telecomm and Toshi Doi; Clark is ill according to Larry Landweber; George Sadowsky is working on Benamhau.

John Hine has the INET papers well in hand; the Program Committee is meeting at ISOC headquarters March 17, to choose final speakers.

Approximately $100,000 has been pledged in sponsorships, which should be higher at this time in the conference timetable. Claude Lemay has been chosen as Co-Chair of fund raising, directing his efforts to all regions except Asia.

7. INET’98
Site Selection:
Sadowsky said that all things being equal, Nice, France would be chosen as the site of INET’98. France has pledged $1,000,000 in sponsorship monies, including $100,000 from the Mayor of Nice. Geneva has not answered information about sponsorships or Workshop dates/locations. They will be given a deadline. Facilities of Geneva better, but NICE workable to about 3,000 attendees. Beyond that would require some logistical shuffling, but still workable. Convention facilities in Geneva less than NICE, but general cost in Nice are substantially less than Geneva.

Decision should be made on 1998 site by late March.

8. Policy
Discussed Roger Cochetti. Roger is the liaison for IBM to keep up on policy issues re the Internet. We would use as eyes and ears, and as an advisor to keep ISOC current on activities of organizations dealing with policy issues of the Internet.

Roger will be voluntary and will be called Policy Committee Chair. We will look at the possibility of creating an elected officer position at the June 1997 meeting of the BoT.

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Meeting (27 February 1997)