Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2001.3.26
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-01-002
Status: Rev 1
Maintainer: G. Huston
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter, at 3:00pm ET USA, on the 26th March 2001.

Brian Carpenter
Rosa Delgado
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Lynn St Amour
Bob Vaughan
Mike Conn (Treasurer)

1. ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee reviewed the unaudited financial statements for 2000. It was noted that the financial outcome had improved significantly over the mid-year forecasts, due largely to the introduction of the Platinum support program, coupled with the outcomes of cost cutting activities. The operating outcome was a surplus of USD 208,000, and a final fund balance of a deficit of USD 579,000. Accounts payables have been reduced, while the cash balance as of the end of the year was drawn down to USD 11,000. An audited report for 2000 is anticipated in May 2001.

The operating loss of USD 100,000 excluding conferences was noted, and the matter of individual membership fees was discussed. A proposal regarding membership fees will be considered at the next Board meeting.

The Committee noted that the operating position for ISOC had improved in the first months of 2001, with a stable cash balance position of USD 200,000 while maintaining a modest level of accounts payable. It was noted that efforts to support organizational membership renewals will be critical for the remainder of 2001 in order to sustain the operation of ISOC.

2. Organizational Membership Status
It was noted that the Platinum support program was steady at this stage, and efforts have been focused on ensuring a high renewal rate for organizational membership.

3. Conferences
The contract with ExpoNova regarding INET’2001 does ensure that ISOC will not incur financial loss from this conference. The current expectation is a net surplus of between USD 250,000 and USD 300.000, although sponsorship levels are lagging the sponsorship targets at this stage.

With respect to INET’2002, the Committee noted that no proposals had been submitted to ISOC and discussions are proceeding regarding a venue of Hawaii. A proposal will be considered at the June Board meeting.

NDSS’01 resulted in a net operating surplus of USD 39,000, slightly under the budget projection of USD 50,000. Tutorials were noted as a major contributor to the final positive outcome.

4. NTW 2001
The Executive Committee considered the current status of the workshop, and recommended that a stable plan with suitable financial safeguards be produced by 1 April 2001 by the workshop convenor, as on the basis of the information provided to the Committee at this meeting, there was no consensus that a decision to proceed with the workshop could be made.

5. June 2001 Board Meeting
Items to be included on the June Board agenda were noted as:

  • CEO’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Vice-President’s Reports, including Individual Membership and Chapter status and Conference status
  • IETF Report
  • ISTF Report
  • Review of External Relationships
  • By Law change regarding Trustee Elections

6. Staff Updates
The CEO noted that Michael Greenway has resigned, and this position will be filled with a system administration position with web development skills.

7. Trustee Election Report
The Trustee elections vote count is scheduled for 23 April 2001.

9. Activity Report

  • It was noted that the RFC Editor contract is to be augmented at a level of USD 500,000 p.a. for the final period. The current contract to undertake this role expires in October 2001.
  • The Committee discussed a proposal to split the Vice-President role for Education and Training into two distinct roles. A final decision will be made at the June Board meeting.
  • The agenda for the Board and Advisory Council meetings will be a full day Board meeting on Monday, 4 June 2001, and the morning of Tuesday, 5 June 2001. The advisory Council will meet on the afternoon of Tuesday 5 June 2001. The new Board of trustees will convene for one hour from 5pm until 6pm on Tuesday 5 June 2001 in order to conduct officer elections and undertake any other business.

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Meeting (26 March 2001)