Author(s): Vinton G. Cerf (Vice President Chapters)
Date: 1997.8.25
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 97-015
Revision: 1
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Frode Greisen
Vinton G. Cerf
Scott Bradner
George Sadowsky
Haruhisa Ishida
Donald M. Heath

1. INET97
The workshop was reported to have had a positive income of $124K but the conference a loss of $114K. This seemed odd and the committee requested confirmed financial status from Sadowsky and Burack.

There appears to be a risk of additional expense for wiring at the PUTRA Center; the committee did not believe that ISOC should be liable to pay for capital improvements at the Center.

Action: Burack and Sadowsky to report on financial status of all INET97 activities

2. Finances

  1. IETF may request ISOC to pay $8-12K loss suffered in Munich (Deutsche Telekom pulled its support on short notice. Microsoft may cover this, but it is not clear yet). Another $11-12K may also be requested for support of IETF.
  2. Press release on Gold membership is to be released the week of 8/25/97 without Microsoft if they have not committed by then.
  3. Although August will be a difficult month regarding cash-flow, we will be able to pay our bills without borrowing.
  4. We need more “gold” members!
  5. We need to remind chapters that they can have organizational members who are also members of ISOC HQ (Cerf action)

3. IETF Secretariat/NSF Cooperative Agreement
The NSF contract with CNRI was extended to end of the year 1997 without further cost. ISOC could take over the contracting by then but ISOC needs to show a strong financial status by then to be credible. If the process is largely self-funding, this need not be as risky a proposition as it might have been in earlier years.

4. IANA Discussion (functions of IANA)
The present state of IANA and possible developments were discussed, including ways that ISOC could offer to play a role. The tasks were grouped as follows:

  1. IP address assignment – many stakeholders: ISPs, users.
  2. Domain Name – stakeholders: users, ISPs, root servers
  3. Protocol # assignments – stakeholders: ietf, vendors
  4. RFCs – stakeholders: IETF, IAB, Internet community
  5. It was suggested that IANA be formed on a more formal basis; Postel serving as executive director, funded by stakeholders (e.g. APNIC, RIPE-NCC, ARIN, ISPs?, ISOC?)Domain Name services funded by domain name Registrars
    IP Address services funded by IP Address Registeries
    Protocol assignments IETF and ISOC funding
    RFC Editor functions IETF and ISOC funding

An oversight board for IANA made up of APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, ISPs, CIX(?), NAPs (?), ISOC(?), POC(?)

  • Discussion RFC and Protocol assignment could be absorbed into IETF secretariat under ISOC financial responsibility. IP Address and Domain Name management – separate boards have been suggested and essentially separate operations to avoid polluting IP assignment with complexities of Domain Name management and appeals. It was suggested that Postel may have concerns about critical mass and viability of IANA if it is split up into too many independent pieces. DARPA has stated that it will not provide any further funding after the end of 1997.

    IP Address – oversight by Global Address Registry. ISOC could approve processes of the GAR Board, just as it does for IAB and IESG.

    Action: Executive Committee to meet with Postel re: IANA (Bradner Action to set up).

5) iPOC nominations
There are about 13 candidates so far for ISOC nominations to the POC. The deadline for nominations is Sept 17.

The two candidates, appointed by ISOC, who served on the original predecessor committee to POC, the IAHC, were Jun Murai and David Maher. ISOC Board needs to select 2 new candidates from those nominated, which could be David or Jun if they were nominated by any ISOC member

Action: Dom Heath to work out a way for ISOC board to decide on candidates.

6) INET ’98
There is an agreement with the Geneva Chapter for INET’98. It is about 9 pages long. The terms were discussed generally. Minor nits raised. Will be reviewing with the Geneva Chapter.

7) Next Call: 16 September 0800 EDT

All Board Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting (25 August 1997)