Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2001.1.22
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-01-001
Status: Rev 1
Maintainer: G. Huston
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter, at 3:00pm ET USA, on the 20th November 2000.

Brian Carpenter
Rosa Delgardo
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Don Heath
Lynn St Amour
Bob Vaughan
Vint Cerf (Call Coordinator)
Mike Conn (Treasurer)

1. ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee reviewed the financial reports to 30 November 2000. With the additional impetus of the Platinum program for the second half of 2000, the budget objectives for 2000 regarding revenue and operating surplus appear to be achievable. The cash account has been drawn down to USD 90,000 by the end of December 2000 to meet payments commitments associated with the NTW 2000 budget. It was noted that the cash flow projections forecast an increase in this fund balance to USD 250,000 by the end of March 2001. Sustaining this balance at this level is dependent on careful management of expenditures and the timing of membership renewal payments.

It was noted that the overall financial position of ISOC is improving slowly, with the current efforts intended to reduce the level of outstanding commitments associated with accounts payable. It was reiterated that the subsequent objective will be to build asset reserves to a level which will match liabilities associated with deferred revenue liabilities.

The presentation of accounts to the Board will be altered to reflect the four pillar structure of ISOC’s activities, indicating the financial progress of each activity sector according to the budgetary framework.

2. Organizational Membership Status
The anticipated net outcome of the 2000 Organizational membership program is an income level of USD 1.1M from renewals from existing members, USD 450K from new memberships. It was also noted that the Platinum program is anticipated to raise a total USD 310K in revenue as of the end of 2000.

The Committee considered a number of actions with respect to organizational membership, recommending that processes used flagging and managing past due organizational memberships be improved. The committee also recommended that messages be sent to Board and Advisory Council members requesting further assistance in identifying and recruiting further organizational members of ISOC.

3. INET 2000
The overall financial outcome for INET 2000 is projected to be USD 190K, taking into account all ISOC revenue and expenditures associated with this activity. It was also noted that the conference generated a further 500 new individual memberships from conference attendees.

NTW 2000 has outstanding some USD 80K in payments, comprising USD 60K from Japanese sources and USD 20K from the Francophone language track support. George Sadowsky will liaise with the Japanese conference organisers and Lynn St Amour with the French support.

It was also reported that the outstanding payments due from INET’97 appears to be resolved with a final payment of USD 62K to be made.

4. INET 2001
It was reported that committed sponsorship levels for INET 2001 are at 50% of the sponsorship target, with a further 15% under consideration. Sponsorship activity is in place for raising the remaining USD 330K sponsorship for this conference.

The conference contract with Expo Nova has not been concluded, although this is anticipated to happen in the coming weeks. Activity is currently being undertaken on the basis of the executed MoU.

5. NDSS 2001
Current registration is at 110 with a target of 150 by the time of the conference. An operating surplus of between USD 10K and USD 15K is anticipated.

6. INET 2002
The committee considered a number of approaches for INET 2002, including possible venues and conference structure. A decision on the structure and location for INET 2002 will be referred to the Board once a number of options are identified as viable.

7. Trustee Election Update
Nominated candidates have been announced, and the petition period is currently underway. 8 petitions are in progress. Membership rolls will be finalized in mid February as per the adopted election timetable.

9. Chapters Update
The Committee considered the current status of chapters with respect to adherence to the current Chapters charters. The committee considered a proposal to reclassify inactive chapters, where there are less than 10 members, to an “in formation” status. The issue of membership rolls and the synchronization between a chapter’s rolls and the Society’s membership database was also highlighted.

10. Individual Membership
The schedule of individual membership dues was considered in relation to Board resolution 99-07. It was proposed that individual membership dues be placed on the agenda of the Board meeting to allow reconsideration of individual membership dues.

11. Web site
It was noted that online material relating to the Society’s mission and objectives has fallen behind, and requires updating to reflect the current structure and objectives of the society.

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Meeting (22 January 2001)