Date: 12-03-21
Committee: Executive Committee of the Internet Society Board of Trustees
Document: Excomm-12-03
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner
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The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Wednesday 21 March, 2012 from 4:02 PM to 5:06 PM US EDT by teleconference.

Eric Burger
Raul Echeberria
Eva Frolich
Philip Smith
Lynn St.Amour

Apologies were received from Jonathan Zittrain.

Also present:
Scott Bradner (Secretary)
ISOC staff

I. Opening Comments
Raul asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items.  No one indicated any conflicts.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the February 6th Exec-Com meeting
The excom approved the minutes as presented.

III. Future Board Meetings and High Level Schedules – All
(a). August 4-5 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Vancouver.

Raul asked if the High Level Schedule proposed for Vancouver was OK. The excom discussed the schedule and made some suggestions.

(b). Special Board Meeting

Main purpose:  Afilias Contract Extension

The excom discussed the schedule and agenda for the special board meeting.

(c). May 21 Teleconference.

Purpose: “At that meeting, the Board will consider acceptance of the annual audit, and receive the reports from the Audit and Elections Committees, and any other business of the Board.”

The excom discussed the agenda for the May 21 board meeting.

Lynn took an action item to send a message to the board outlining the upcoming board meetings to clarify the schedule and purpose.

IV. Global INET Update
Lynn reviewed, and the excom discussed, the current status of the upcoming Global INET meeting. Scott Hoyt joined the call for this discussion.

V. Phase 2 of the By-Laws
Purpose: Discuss the Bylaws update initiatives

Eric reported on the status of the proposed Bylaws revisions. He said that the package of materials was ready to be sent to the chapters and org members for their review and discussion. The excom discussed the process to be followed to get the discussion. Walda Roseman joined the call for this discussion.

(a). Open Item from Previous Board Meeting

Purpose: Review Utility of the Board Work Plan

Lynn opened a discussion on the utility of the Board work plan. The excom felt that the work plan was a useful tool and should be continued.

Raul said that he felt that the last two board meetings in Africa and Latin America where very good opportunities for ISOC to be part of these communities. He suggested that ISOC continue to meet with ICANN when ICANN meets in such locations.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:06 PM EDT.

All Board Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting (21 March 2012)