Meeting (21 February 2005)

Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-05-001
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Rosa DelGado
Glenn Ricart
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Scott Bradner (Secretary)

Apologies were received from Pindar Wong.

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:06 am to 12:09pm (US EST) February 21, 2005 via conference call.

I – PIR Update
Glenn reported on the January PIR board meeting. He said that Eva Frollch had been elected board chair to replace Marc Rotenberg, who had resigned from the board. Lynn reported that the (new) PIR Board was engaged in reviewing PIR’s strategic activities and that the new Board had as a clear priority running an exemplary registry with a strong focus on improving the name space area as much as possible with particular attention on registrant issues. Glenn and Lynn agreed and also said that a main consideration for new PIR board members should also be an understanding of the registry business and the registry / registrar / registrant relationship. Lynn said that our process calls for the ExComm to produce a recommendation for the ISOC Board so that the Board could confirm the decision at the board meeting in March.

II – IETF restructuring update
Lynn reported the current thinking of the IAB and IETF chairs was that the timetable for constituting the IAOC was the end of March. She also reported that there had been about 30 applicants for the IAD job and that a short list of applicants had been developed. Fred summarized his exchange with the CNRI board over the IETF IPR resolution. He said that he had suggested a meeting with a few members of the CNRI board and a few members of the ISOC board but that nothing had yet been setup.

III – WGIG Update
Lynn reported that WGIG met last week and have just posted a draft of their report to WSIS on their website. She said that the ISOC was commenting on the papers that WGIG had posted. She said that the ISOC would make a formal comment on the WGIG draft this week. She also said that people were starting to talk about what should happen after the Tunis WSIS meeting in November 2005. Rosa reported that a number of regional WSIS/WGIG-consultation meetings would be held between now and June and she said that it would be important for the ISOC to be involved in some of them. She also said that the final WSIS-WGIG report must be produced by June 2005, before the Tunis meeting. Rosa asked if the planning for the ISOC involvement in the Cairo meeting was proceeding. Lynn responded that it was and that we were working with the Cairo WSIS Summit organizers to hold a complementary one to one and a half day one track meeting. There were also plans for a 1/2 day regional ISOC chapter meeting.

IV – Strategic Operating Plan Update (Lyman Chapin joined the call for this discussion)
Lyman reported that he and the ISOC staff were doing a final review of a written ISOC Strategic Operating Plan this week. The draft plan will be sent to the board in time for it to be discussed at the next board meeting. He said that the plan tries to capture a compelling vision for the Internet Society that is true to the ISOC mission and role. Lyman said that this part of the plan would be the most fully formed. The part of the plan that describes how the vision would be translated into action is less finalized because the ISOC staff will propose specific actions after the board agrees on the vision, mission and roles sections of the Plan.

V – Review proposed Board agenda.
Lynn then went over a proposed agenda for the upcoming board meeting. Steve agreed that one topic should be optimizing the participation of the board members in board activities. In response to a question from Rosa, Lynn said that there would be extensive discussions about ISOC chapters during the discussion of the Strategic Operating Plan. The Excomm did not have any other significant suggestions about the draft agenda.

The Excomm discussed the new ISOC staff policy job. Lynn reported that she talked with George last weekend and they reached an agreement on funding Rishi Chawla through December 2005 to be in a joint program with GIPI in India and to fund a trip for George to kick off the project. She said that she expects an ISOC Champion project proposal from George and Michael Nelson very soon.

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Meeting (21 February 2005)