Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2000.8.21
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 00-006
Status: Rev 0
Maintainer: G. Huston
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter at 8:30am ET USA, on the 21st August 2000.

Brian Carpenter
Geoff Huston
Kees Neggers
Rosa Delgardo
Don Heath
Lynn St Amour
Vint Cerf

1. Staffing
The Executive Director reported on the current staffing levels for the Secretariat. A contractor has been engaged to undertake data entry in support of membership services for a limited period. The Committee discussed various approaches to outsourcing parts of the system administration role as they relate to web hosting services and related applications hosting. A number of potential suppliers of such services will be requested to provide proposals to ISOC to undertake this role.

2. Review of ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee reviewed the unaudited Balance Sheet as of 31 July 2000, the income and expenditure statement for the six months ending 31 July 2000, and the cash flow statement and projections. The current level of assets and accounts payable was noted as being steady. It was noted that the budget projections call for a further injection of $740,000 in organizational memberships. The balanced income and expenditure for INET 2000 and the 2000 NTW was also noted. The cash flow position can be held steady for the four month period assuming an organizational renewal level of $530,000 over the August – November 200 period, coupled with a new organizational membership income of $310,000 over the same period, allowing ISOC to undertake as payment schedule to the RFC Editor for the 2000 schedule of work.

3. ISOC Fund Raising Program
The Executive Committee noted that a web page had been set up for Trustees to review progress for the target of USD 100,000 in new funding for each Trustee. The progress with organizational prospects was reviewed, and further leads were identified. All Executive level organizational members have been contacted with an invitation to upgrade their level of support to Silver status, with some positive results.

The Committee noted the status of the effort to initiate a new level of organizational support, that of Platinum Level supporting members of ISOC’s Internet Standards program, and discussed ways to assist in signing up members to this Standards support program. A strong level of potential support to such a program was anticipated, if initial support by key industry leaders can be concluded.

4. ISOC Directions
The action on the Secretary was to draft a statement of ISOC’s value proposition in each of the four categories is outstanding.

5. ISOC Vice-President Positions
The President reported on a review of Vice-President positions, intending to more visibly align Vice-President roles with the four ISOC programs identified in the directions statement. A number of positions may cover two or more of these programs. A specific proposal of office holders will be passed to the Trustees for ratification when this review is complete.

6. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held of October 2nd, 2000 at Reston, commencing 8:30am Eastern Time.

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Meeting (21 August 2000)