Meeting (20 February 1997)

Author(s): D.M. Heath (President/CEO)
Date: 1997.2.20
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 97-012
Revision: 1
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Larry Landweber
Scott Bradner
Frode Greisen
George Sadowsky
Shigeki Goto
Donald M. Heath

1. gTLD-MoU
IANA’s role in the future was discussed. It was pointed out that ISOC and IANA are the only two MoU signatories that are necessary and that must agree to any changes. Further, that IANA will probably be reconstituted under the ISOC umbrella; that, in any event, it will change from what it has been.

Committee agreed with the MoU and it will be sent to the BoT for review. Committee agreement was conditional upon: comments from Jon Postel, clarification of wording regarding the Depository being the only entity to invite signatories (others, including ISOC and IANA should be able to do so also), voting by the Policy Oversight committee (POC) needs to be clarified to include that a quorum must be present for a vote to be valid – or, better, that the 71% of vote required to pass agreements should be based upon total voting membership of POC.

2. Chapters
Article 4 – Chapters can have Organizational members, but if they want to be Org members of ISOC they must pay the full scheduled ISOC fee. This means Chapters could charge more, keeping the difference from the ISOC fee.

Article 6 – Allows Chapters to have individual members at a reduced rate who would not be members of ISOC. They can’t run for office, vote for BoT, but could vote in local elections. We will add that the Chapter Officers must be ISOC members and will look again at whether to allow individual chapter members who are not ISOC members.

Article 8 – We will require that Chapters continue to give ISOC an annual report to review.

Don Heath to rewrite the mods to the proposed document and forward for review.

3. Fund Raising
Now that IAHC is slowing (from Heath involvement) dedicate considerably more time to fund raising. Work up plan and milestones from now to June BoT Meeting – with results of plan shown at June meeting. Send to Ex Comm shortly.

4. IANA Position
Postel Talk to ISI and Geo Strawn re potential liability of Jon Postel. Get draft proposal from Jon re ISOC/IANA relationship in the future. Cover Jon’s legal expenses (if any).

5. Next Conf Call – Thursday, February 27, 1997, 8:00am EST

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Meeting (20 February 1997)